Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekly Review #210

It was a pretty good week. I felt a little more in control of calories ... at least a few days of the week. Still some sickness in the house, the boys just seem to shake it. #2 left for an end of summer trip Wednesday, and Hubs and the three youngest left on Saturday for a mini-vacation of their own.

NUMBERS: Weight down (-2.8) with average down a smidge (-.8 to 179.13). Kept intake under burn four of the seven days this week. Average Intake 2136. Average Daily Burn 2961. Decent deficit for the week (-3010). 23,823 step average. 106.07 logged miles. 1020/922/1060 active minutes. 90min w/weights, 60min Abs/Core.  No 30k days, but five of the days were well over 20k. Three days 3000+ burn.

I really wish LifeCyle would let me personalize the week (Fitbit does!) so it ends on Sunday rather than Saturday. I fudged the exercise (putting it on LAST Sunday so the graph would be correct).

EXERCISE: I got in an elliptical workout every day this week. I actually hit my hour of elliptical four of the seven days. That was mainly due to the treadmill being out of commission for four days. I spent that extra time on the elliptical. Five Zumba classes and some practice time on my own. Three times on the treadmill, six times on the bike. Two full-body workouts w/weights, and two sessions focused just on abs/core.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: #5 did have some basketball games Thursday and Friday, but it was such a chunk of time (commute and multiple games) that I just sent him with a teammate. Just one small lawn mowing this week (15min) ... I guess it didn't make the graph. It was a little too wet over the weekend for a second mow. Hubs and I got out for a belated anniversary dinner. A visit to the doctor for #4, and Hubs ended spending a bit of time at the hospital with his Mom.

Here's the day by day ...

  • Monday (0807) Up early enough to hit the elliptical first thing. Then Zumba w/Debbie. #3 was hanging with friends and then had work ... so no fighting him for gym time today. Got in treadmill and did some ab/core work. Hubs bought a new (used/commercial) treadmill and had movers over to switch the two ... unfortunately this industrial one requires different electrical, so no more treadmill time until that gets worked out :( Hit the bike for reading/riding before bed. Kept calories in check today. 26111 steps. 3088 burn. 1350 intake.
  • Tuesday (0808) Good day! Zumba w/Marian ... and Marian was there! I did a little Zumba practice on my own after as well. I'd managed to get in two elliptical sessions before class, and more after, so I got in my full hour of elliptical today (first time in a while). Treadmill still out of commission, but I hit the bike and did weights (full body workout). Black bean and spinach enchiladas for dinner ... I don't eat that though! Kept calories in check again today. 28668 steps. 3358 burn . 1200 intake.
  • Wednesday (0809) Got in half my hour of elliptical in early, and the other half later in the day. Zumba w/MZL. Rushed home, getting #4 to a Dr. appointment. This cold is just hanging on (#1 and #5 sick too) but now there is ear pain and hearing loss. Ear infection. Stopped at Target to grab the prescription. Mowed the lawn and hit the bike for some reading/riding. #1 took the two littles to see "Spiderman". Hubs came home a little early and we went out to eat at Market Street. Belated anniversary dinner. Then he got a call concerning his mom having some issues (she had a bad fall hitting her head several weeks ago) and he went out there and they ended up at the ER. He got home around 1:00, and then back there at 5:00. Not much sleep! 24747 steps. 2960 burn. 2550 intake.
  • Thursday (0810) Not a great day. Hubs was off early to check on MIL at the hospital. There for several hours but she was discharged. Just feeling a little stressed with all that, plus the sick kids, the tramp and treadmill situation and little sleep last night. Did make it to Zumba still, and fit in 30min of Elliptical. Eating was a little over, but not out of control. Hubs did comment that he succumbed to stress eating today! 19180 steps. 2754 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Friday (0811) Good day, especially for a Friday! Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba with MZL and some on my own. Hit the bike for reading/riding and did 30min Ab/Core. A little hula hoop too. Kept calories in check... even with donuts in the house! 27952 steps. 3290 burn. 1900 intake. 
  • Saturday (0812) Crazy, chaotic morning as Hubs was attempting to wrap up a bunch of stuff before heading out of town with the three littles. I ended up getting in 1/2 hour of elliptical, bike, a weight workout and ... treadmill. One of those items on Hub's list was updating the electrical. Unfortunately, I personally prefer the old treadmill! Also unfortunate ... lots of stress eating today. 17858 steps. 2587 burn. 3000 intake.  
  • Sunday (0813) NOT a rest day. Got in my hour of elliptical, an hour of treadmill walk, and hit the bike for reading/riding. Eating was over though. Got hit with a hail storm! 22247 steps. 2690 burn. 2650 intake. 
Five Featured Photos ...

Off to see Spiderman.

 From our garden ...

 Out to dinner with Hubs ... my black Fitbit doesn't match!
Usually not an issue as I'm almost always in black.

 ... and my Fitbit band broke! It's not one of the holes that I need, so I can still wear it, but it's much more difficult to get off and on and now the little end pokes out. I should just upgrade to the ChargeHR, but the frugal part of me won't allow it while the device is still working.

The boys are off to "sunny" St. George. 
They got quite the storm! We had some storminess here too.

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