Monday, August 7, 2017

Home Alone 3

The family went on vacation.
I spent 10 days home alone. 
Luckily there were no bad guys to battle.

My husband has been bitten by the travel bug ... unfortunately, I'm allergic to that particular bug bite. Okay, not really, but I don't travel well. We've been able to adapt, and Hubs gets a bit of his bite attended to by traveling to or with his brother and their family. While it's not an official, annual trip, Hubs and the boys have been making the trek out to Seattle several times the past few years. This year marks my 3rd Home Alone staycation.

I made the first couple trips, when my BIL lived in Portland. Then they moved to Seattle. I never made it there. The first trip was in 2010. Fellow homebody #4 sat out the trip staying with me, so I wasn't alone that year. Then in 2013, Hubs and all five boys were off, leaving me Home Alone.  They went again the next year (Seattle 2014), that was Home Alone 2. In 2015, Hubs hit Europe (with his BIL and family) and that was the vacation for that summer. A Seattle trip was planned for 2016, but Hubs backed out at the last minute (Meniere's had been acting up). But 2017 ... it was on. This time, the whole family (sans myself) was flying. First time on an airplane for the two littles. I was home alone for 10 days. I know many a mommy wishes for "some" alone time. This was a little long, but Daddy and the boys kept in touch and I was able to enjoy the vacation vicariously.

I've documented this year's vacation on the family blog. Here at home ...
  • EXERCISE: Didn't increase dramatically like it did when I was Home Alone in 2013. I got in my Zumba class Mon-Fri and did do some Sat/Sun on my own (which I usually don't if everyone is around). No one to battle for gym time, so I did pretty good hitting elliptical, treadmill, bike and weights while they were gone. Hubs said he managed to get in several runs during the vacation.
  • EATING: Stayed pretty much the same ... it sure would have been a struggle on the trip! Between simply snacking a lot, and me just not liking stuff (Hubs had to make some special arrangements for #5 when he didn't like the location they were eating at, but I've much worse). I went out to eat twice ... my MIL took me to dinner, and I met my mom for lunch one afternoon. I made my mint brownies, so those were around to tempt me the entire time. I tried to be good, and had some good days ... but also had some days that were uber over.
  • SLEEP: Hubs is an early to bed boy (as he's almost always up early too) and I generally try to shut down and join him, even if I'm just reading in bed. When he's gone ... I tend to stay up later, and that was true in this case. Some sleeping in, but really no different than the usual summer schedule. I grabbed a couple naps in the quiet house too.
  • MOMMY DUTIES: With the family gone, many of my daily "chores" all but disappeared! When the guys first left, I did a pretty good house cleaning and ... it stays clean with just me around. Whereas laundry and dishes are usually a daily duty,  it was only needed a time or two these 10 days. Shopping was impacted ... I had to make sure I didn't overbuy before the boys left.  Anything perishable wouldn't last. I did a decent cleanout of the fridge. I still hit the store a time or two, and then restocked right before they got back. Making the bed was easier, with only half of it being used each night... and I'll admit I left it unmade some of the time. Lawn mowing requirements were the same. One job I had to take over was changing the kitty litter ... usually #4's job. 
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES: With no boys around, I admit I did a little sun-bathing in the back yard. With all my mowing and yard work in a tank top, my shoulders were already quite tan. I slipped on a swim suit and let my bottom half catch up a bit (with my head and shoulders in the shade for comfort). I did get in a bit of reading while sunning ... although the weather didn't quite cooperate. It's been a bit of a joke that as the boys go to Seattle, Utah gets hit with Seattle weather! Several rainy and overcast days (but no flooding as happened in 2014 ... at least not at our home. There WAS flooding in the Sugarhouse area.) I also went and got my nails done. I watched three movies (streaming, I generally don't get around to movies, just TV series while I work out). I had planned to catching up on some blogging, but only got a few posts done. LOTS of reading!

 My New Nails
I laughed a little, as Hubs had forgotten to notify the credit card companies of his travel plans. He managed to set off fraud alerts on both cards (we were able to get it resolved so he could continue to spend $$!) Hubs and the boys sent pictures, videos and texts to keep me up to date on their adventures. Also checking in to make sure I was alive and well here at home. Alone.

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