Sunday, August 30, 2015

WWI #109 - At Least It's Not Up

Last week, after my miserable and mystery two pound jump, I was motivated enough to have a good food and fitness day on Friday, and I did have a two pound drop for the weigh-in the following morning. But Saturday and Sunday were full of family fun (no exercise, lots of eating) and the week wasn't all that great (even with the start of school and return to routine). NUMBERS: Down .8 from last week. Average is down .64. Average intake was 2450, average daily burn was 2933 ... equaling an overage of the week for 225. Here's my quick weekly recap:

  • Friday (0821): Had a good day with quite a bit of activity (although I forgot my ChargeHR for my Zumba class!). Also controlled calories, but I was very conscious of it, hangry by the end of the day!
  • Saturday (0822): Started the day watching #5's final summer basketball game, then we had a family reunion. It was a lot of fun. Hubs had put the whole thing together! Only 30minElliptical today.
  • Sunday (0823): We had a family day at the local amusement park. No exercise, but quite a bit of walking (over 16K for the day). Between all the standing yesterday and today in simple sandals, my feet and legs were quite exhausted! Didn't do horrible on food at the park, but was starving back at home.
  • Monday (0824): #2 started high school. Up and off by 5:30 ... Legs still feeling tired, but I did my double Zumba in the morning. Only 30min elliptical during the day though. Back to School Night for the elementary kids.
  • Tuesday (0825): First day of school for my 9th, 6th and 4th grader! Got them off, then hit Zumba, got in elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. Productive day, and eating was okay.
  • Wednesday (0826): Zumba in the morning, just 30min of elliptical during the day. I was dragging a bit, and expecting someone to stop by. I can't hear the doorbell downstairs, so I didn't feel like I could workout for most of the afternoon.
  • Thursday(0827): Got the kids off to school, dropped the car at the mechanic, and walked to Zumba, which was at the church just down the street. Luckily, my minor electrical issue was fixed when I walked back. Got in quite a bit of elliptical (catching up on some shows) and some reading/riding. Didn't quite keep calories under 2000, but it was a pretty good day. 

Family Reunion Picture. See the MUVEE too ... 

Our trip to Lagoon

First Day of School Photos

... and this coming week? It's BIRTHDAY week. Three of our boys have birthdays! We're also having a family getaway weekend, so ... that will be a little tough on the eating and exercise!

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