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September 2015

September was a bad blogging month ... I pretty much only did my weekly weigh-in posts, and even with that I missed a couple weeks and had to catch up in a combo post. It was also not great for weight. I started the month at 168.10, and ended at 168.9 ... that doesn't sound so bad. Unfortunately, it doesn't really represent what the September scale looked like when looking at all the numbers and stats. The average weight was 169.43, which is up 2.94 from last month. The low for the month was 166.4. The high was 172.2. Yup ... I went into the 170s :(

Weight aside, it was a pretty good month. Back to the school schedule, return to routine. Got the birthdays behind us (for a few months anyway). We had some family fun ... a couple of hikes, a weekend trip to Park City, some bowling (and I won!) and a cousin's wedding. We got a new car ... and new ducks. The kitties are finally getting along!

I did have a little scale success there at the end of September. I hope that bodes well for October, even though October brings out the Halloween treats and the candy corn. Actually, the candy corn was definitely an issue this past month!

*** JenB's Journal ***

0901 (Tuesday) 168.1. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 3099. Exercise Burn 1225/1312 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2400. Kids to school and straight to Zumba. Got in my hour of elliptical throughout the day, and reading/riding on the bike. Should have done weights, but I was dragging during the day and didn't get to it. Had additional pickups after school, grabbing #3 from his weight training workout at the high school, then back there in the evening for #5's basketball tryout. I didn't have to stay, but I did watch. He did good but there aren't many boys his age, probably not enough for a team. Too many treats (mint ice cream and candy corn were the main culprits today).
0902 (Wednesday) 168.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3057. Exercise Burn 1050/1123 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1200. Had a good day. Hit Zumba, then a few stores on the way home (Walmart, Sams, Sears). Got in elliptical and bike, but more important, I controlled calories today! Really didn't have any treats, although I did make brownies for the boys and liked the bowl a bit. Second session of basketball tryouts for #5, but as I feared, not enough for a team. We may still put one together with the 3rd/4th kids that were there, at a local superleague, we'll see.
0903 (Thursday) 166.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3277. Exercise Burn 1370/1497 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2000. A Zumba instructor I'm friends with on Facebook but had never actually met came to Mountain View Zumba today, so that was fun. Of course we had her do some numbers. I didn't stop anywhere on the way home today and should have gotten more done in at home, but I was dragging. Hit my evening Zumba with a neighbor. Hubs ended up grabbing a couple ducks that had been abandoned in the neighborhood ... so we have duckies again. These guys are huge though! Not your standard mallard like the wild ones or the ones we had. I'd done pretty good on calories, but did snack a bit on chips and candy corn there at the end of the day.
0904 (Friday) 167.7. Good Day. Total Burn 2919. Exercise Burn 988/1135 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1550. I'll admit to being discouraged at the weigh-in today. Hubs slept in a little too, had a bit of duckie time, and was around for the croissants I had remembered to lay out for breakfast. Dropped off the kidlets and went to my Zumba class. Got some elliptical in. Had to check out the elementary kids early, as #5 had a dentist appointment. He didn't know he would have to get a "numb cheek" and was pretty upset about it. I ran a couple errands while he was being worked on. Did get done in time to pick up Mr. Middle School. My SIL had said she'd do my hair (highlights) so I went out there for a few hours in the evening. It sure is hard to just sit for hours! My poor back was feeling it. But I like being blond again. Kept calories in check today (even with the morning croissant).
0905 (Saturday) 168.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2659. Exercise Burn 400/870 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2900. Weight up again? I had a good day yesterday, I just don't understand it! It is TOM time, but I usually haven't been able to see any correlation with it and weight gain. The morning was good. I started with some elliptical, then spent the morning with the little boys cleaning the basement ... their room and the bathroom (which was very scary!). Pulled all the sheets off, put new ones on and had the washer running all day long. Hubs was out running errands ... and just driving around, in the new car much of the day. He came home with Krispy Kreme donuts. I had done good on food for the morning but then I bagged it and it ended up a bad eating day with the donuts and some other treats.  
0906 (Sunday) 169.2. Bad Day. Total Burn 2415. Exercise Burn 420/620 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. There were still some donuts from yesterday, that was breakfast. I did my duty as primary pianist, but I'm hoping that might end soon. Hubs and I did get in a little nap, then we headed over to my folks for the monthly "waffles and welatives" gathering. Hubs made his waffle mix, and I had made some muffins. We also brought the water balloon filler, even though the day was quite cool. #3 and I had grandma walk us around the yard telling us the kind of trees they have as we gathered some leaves to press for a biology assignment. Between the donut breakfast and waffles and such ... not a good eating day.
0907 (Monday) 169.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2466. Exercise Burn 500/672 (20minElliptical/Hike). Calories in 3200. Hubs had the say off for Labor Day. It's also #1's birthday, but with him off in Mexico, we didn't have a big celebration of it here (we had written and sent packages I hope made it there in time). Hubs wanted to hit a hike. We grabbed #2's girlfriend and headed up the mountains ... with half of Utah. It was crazy crowded, which just amps up my anxiety, but I tried not to let it get out of control. We went to Hidden Falls, then Donut Falls. Donut Falls was crazy crowded. At some spots on the trail there was a "line" as only one person could traverse a certain spot. The falls themselves were covered with people and we couldn't even attempt to get very close. Even just what we did got the kids feet wet and they were not happy about it! So ... it was a bit of a fail. No one had really had breakfast, so we stopped at Chuck-a-Rama for lunch (about 1800 calories right there in that meal estimation). We didn't have much else going on for the day. Hubs made Mac and Cheese (from scratch) for dinner. We got our weekly email from #1 son and I updated the blog. Back to the routine tomorrow.
0908 (Tuesday) 170.1. Good Day. Total Burn 3230. Exercise Burn 1360/1432 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. And ... over. I was so not wanting to cross into the 170s, but I just can't seem to stop it. But ... had a good day today, although calories were still a bit high. The Zumba instructor was out of town for the Labor Day weekend, so she had me handling the class, which was fine with several of us there who knew routines. Back at home I got in elliptical, bike and weights. Made a lemon jello cake to celebrate #1's birthday yesterday (even though he isn't around to eat it). Hubs was out really late and I just wasn't able to get to sleep until he got home.
0909 (Wednesday) 170.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2787. Exercise Burn 825/985 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2850. Totally dragging today. Not sure if it is lack of sleep, or muscle fatigue from yesterday's workout, but NO motivation today. Went to Zumba but couldn't get the heart rate up. Only a couple of sessions on the elliptical. I must admit, I laid down and napped for a bit. And I was starving for treats ... and I ate.
0910 (Thursday) 171.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3120. Exercise Burn 1250/1314 (40minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2300. The scale sure doesn't take much to move up, whereas it won't go the other direction, even when the numbers say it should (which admittedly, hasn't been much lately). Again, totally dragging. Made it through morning Zumba, did some elliptical. I wasn't sure if I'd get to my evening Zumba class, as #5 had a basketball practice at the high school at the same time. There was also a football game at the high school, which meant parking would be a zoo. I convinced #3 to help me out, attending the practice with the little guy, so I could just drop them off and then hit Zumba. I went right back after and the timing was about perfect. In my rush, I didn't hit Little Caesars, but knowing that I had gone earlier after picking #3 up from his weights session at the school. So there were breadstick in the meal log today. Over in calories, but not too bad.  
0911 (Friday) 169.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2517. Exercise Burn 710/725 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3100. Late start Friday. Got the kids off then hit Zumba. I started out fine, hitting a high HR even during the warm up ... then the fatigue that has been plauging me all week hit. I could just feel it in my arms and my legs. Didn't get great numbers. The instructor has been a little discouraged by the lack of people and energy and announced she's going to shut down this free class. It doesn't really surprise me, but now I'm not sure what I'll do for Fridays. I'm feeling a bit burned out, maybe I'll just take them off. We'll see. Only got in a little elliptical today. My BIL's family was in from out of town. They dropped their girls off to hang at our house while the adults went out (I stayed home). They didn't get back until 1:30ish. BIL also reassured us our cats weren't killing each other, but merely playing ... so we let them stay out together for most of the night.  I spent some time on the computer (blog update, finishing a basketball muvee) and I tend to mindlessly eat while I work ... and that happened. An entire box of Sugar Babies, gone!
0912 (Saturday) 170.6. Okay Day. Total Burn 2128. Exercise Burn 300/327 (Hike). Calories in 1800. There was a hike planned while the out-of-town family was here. We headed out early, and hit the Bells Canyon Trail. It was pretty steep, a bit hard for Maga and the little kids. The hike to the waterfall was two miles, so we cut things short, stopping at the reservoir (which was very low, more like a big mud puddle). We went back to my other BIL's home and he made donuts. Pumpkin spice ones, so I wasn't tempted. Home again for a bit, then we were off for a wedding. It was warm out! There was food there, Mexican ... which isn't really something I like so again, not that hard to control calories. I did have a cupcake. Didn't get in any exercise today. 
0913 (Sunday) 169.7. Okay Day. Total Burn 2210. Exercise Burn 200/414 (20minElliptical). Calories in 1900. Got in some elliptical, and walked to/from church ... that was it for exercise. We did our usual Sunday Circles for breakfast. Hubs went up to Oktoberfest for some of the day. I did manage to keep calories in check today, actually wasn't that hard today.
0914 (Monday) 170.5. Good Day. Total Burn 3255. Exercise Burn 1200/1455 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1700. Ready to get back it. Got in a little elliptical before Zumba, had a good class out at Southziders. More elliptical, bike and I mowed the lawn. Kept calories in check today too, even though I mad banana bread (and ate a slice).
0915 (Tuesday) 1706.6. Okay Day. Total Burn 2847. Exercise Burn  1000/1046 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2600. A little over indulgence on banana bread today. It was a cold and stormy morning, so the toasted, warm bread just hit the spot. #4 was stressed because of the weather. I walked him into the school and we talked to the principal and teacher about options if he didn't want to go outside for recess. I actually came back to the school in the afternoon for a volunteer project (helping bleach t-shirts) and the weather was awful! Pouring rain and big thunderclaps. #4 survived though. Hubs had a derby in the evening. #3 went along to help, even though it meant missing basketball open play over at the high school.
0916 (Wednesday) 171.3. Okay Day. Total Burn 2894. Exercise Burn 1000/1090 (40minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 2700. Banana bread, some breadsticks from Papa Murphy and candy corn pushed me over on calories today. I'm finding it hard to stay motivated during the day ... still stormy outside.
0917 (Thursday) 171.3. Okay Day. Total Burn 3155. Exercise Burn 1354/1350 (30minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2700.  Marian couldn't make it to Mountain View Zumba today, so she asked me to handle the class with the other helpers. I prepped a playlist and it went well. Got in some exercise back at home, but again, lost motivation mid-day. Luckily I did have enough energy to make it to Zumba in the evening. I wasn't carpooling with anyone, so I grabbed some Crazy Bread on the way home.
0918 (Friday) 170.0. Okay Day. Total Burn 2363. Exercise Burn 400/566 (40minElliptical). Calories in 1800. Slow start Friday. After dropping off the munchkins, I did a quick run to Maceys to grab some beef they had on sale. Home just in time to unload quickly and and then take #3 to middle school, late start. Then I went straight back to the elementary to help out with the "olympics" there. #4 was in the 3-lap run and came in second place. His team won the olympics though! He'd really been stressing about the whole thing, but I think he enjoyed it after all. Luckily, the bad weather we've been having all week and cleared up for today. Back at home, I waited for the appraiser, as we're refinancing. That took up some of the afternoon. Hubs took off work a bit early and headed up the mountains to join my brothers and dad for a hike. I was invited, but thought they might be going further/faster than I'd be able to. There was a Zumba thing, Southziders 1-year birthday party ... I just couldn't find the motivation to leave the house again. So, slow exercise day ... at least I did keep eating in check. 
0919 (Saturday) 169.3. BAD Day. Total Burn 2180. Exercise Burn 300/387 (20min Elliptical). Calories in 3750. Hubs was running errands in the morning, and brought home donuts. They were yummy donuts, I had more than one. I walked over to the church around 11:00. The "Achievement Day" girls (ages 9-11) had an activity going on, and I had been asked to come talk a bit about Zumba and show them some steps. I did four songs and felt it went well. #3 had a party in the late afternoon, I took him out and Daddy picked him up after. I'd stuck a roast in the crock pot, and we had that for dinner, with Hub's yummy mashed potatoes too. Then some popcorn as we watched a movie.
0920 (Sunday) 171.8. BAD Day. Total Burn 1862. Exercise Burn 0/54 (No Exercise). Calories in 4000. We got up early and headed up to my brother's church to hear his step-daughter report on her mission to Texas. We went over to the house after to visit and eat, but had to duck out a bit early to get #2 home for his shift at KFC. I took a lovely nap. We decided to get dinner, and went to Red Robin, it had been a while! More popcorn as we finished our movie (wifi had gone wonky last night and we had to stop watching). 
0921 (Monday) 172.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3110. Exercise Burn 1250/1300 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1600. I got in a 20min and a 10 min session on the elliptical in the morning before dropping the kids off at school. It's nice to get a jumpstart on the day like that. Hit Zumba and stopped at a couple stores on the way home. #5 had a little friend over after school. I managed to control calories today ... which isn't at all the same as eating healthy, but still ... made more banana bread today as I had a big bunch turning brown. Limited myself to one slice though!
0922 (Tuesday) 168.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3295. Exercise Burn 1400/1504 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Track-30min/2miles, Bike). Calories in 2100. So nice to see a little scale shift after a good day. It motivates me. Got in early elliptical, and more throughout the day to hit my hour (finished up season 1 of Revolution, going on to Season 2). I've been getting a lot of reading in to between my bike rides and before bed. #5 had basketball practice in the evening, at the gym with a track above. I brought my headphones and shoes and did some jogging, and #4 came along to practice his basketball skills too. But they actually didn't have the gym open (there were practices on all the courts) and he got kicked off and wanted to go home, so I ran him to the house then back to the gym for pickup. Maybe next week I'll get a full hour of jogging/walking in, but 30min was actually enough for me today! Hubs and #3 were doing a derby, and #2 was off playing in a basketball game. Wish it was closer, I love to watch him play. Did okay on calories today. Candy corn is still a huge temptation, and I make it even harder by having it around! I can eat that stuff by the handful (although I take several small bites of each kernel of corn *Ü*). The banana bread was around to tempt me, and then the little boys wanted toasted cheese for dinner and it looked good (but I limited myself to a half).
0923 (Wednesday) 168.0. Good Day. Total Burn 3340. Exercise Burn 1360/1554 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WiiFit). Calories in 1200. The scale shifted a bit more. Yea! More motivation to keep it in control. Several elliptical sessions to hit my hour, but it's great getting a couple in during the morning hours before Zumba. #3 has still been working out in MY gym, which has made it a little harder to get in my workouts later in the day. While he was in there today, I decided to hit the WiiFit. It's been a while. #4 mentioned he had been using it (to weigh himself, and said he's lost 5 pounds in the last week or so! I'd been aware of him actively trying to exercise and eat better, but was still surprised!) Just 10min for me, mostly balance exercises. Also mowed the lawn and got in my reading and riding. Really managed to keep calories in check (while still consuming candy corn).
0924 (Thursday) 167.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3385. Exercise Burn 1635/1604 (60minElliptical, Zumba x2, Bike). Calories in 2000. The little boys have been wanting to go early to school, to get in some extra playing time. It generally works out great, but on Thursdays I usually go straight to Zumba after dropping them off, and that already puts me 10-15 minutes early. I didn't want to be 20+ minutes early, so I ran back home, even though it was only for a short while. Still did make it to Zumba on time. I had gotten some elliptical in before, and I got in more after to equal my hour. Did my reading and riding too. Hubs had a derby, and #3 went, even though he could have gone to basketball at the high school. #2 also chose work over basketball clinic, working the Real soccer game (a concessions stand). I hit my evening Zumba, and stopped at Little Caesars for Crazy Bread. I'd done quite well on calories to that point, but I just can't resist that yummy, soft, buttery, bread! Still, not bad for the day.
0925 (Friday) 166.4. Good Day. Total Burn 3074. Exercise Burn 1390/1297 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 30min/2milesTreadmill, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1800. After getting the kids off to school, late start for #3, I came home and attempted Zumba myself. We don't really have a good, open spot. In the past I've tried it in the gym downstairs (not great), and in the family room (the new couch situation no longer gives enough space) and the master bath, which is what I did today. I have a mirror and use the computer for the playlist. It went okay. Early out at the elementary. Hubs and #3 did a derby in the evening. Friday night ones are rare, but with nothing on deck for the evening, I got in a little additional exercise. Kept calories in check too.
0926 (Saturday) 167.4. Very Bad Day. Total Burn 2186, Exercise Burn 300/403 (30minElliptical). Calories in 3500. Up a pound :(  ... frustrating after a good Friday! I'd laid croissants out, so that was breakfast. #5 had his first basketball game with this new team ... ouch, it was a slaughter (by our boys). It was 72-0. We had considered playing up in the Superleague, but that had it's disadvantages (having to provide uniforms, no practice space, this was the first time the boys were playing together), but it seems as though that would have been the right move after all. It was Homecoming at the high school for #2. They did their "day date" (bubble soccer) and then dinner and the dance. I only got in a little exercise today ... got in a LOT of eating :( 
0927 (Sunday) 169.5. Bad Day. Total Burn 2032. Exercise Burn 100/238 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2450. So, that jump on the scale was deserved I guess. Hubs and I had an argument ... down day. We did our usual breakfast, but I didn't eat much (depression diet kicking in a bit). Walked to/from church, did my usual Sunday piano. Got in a nap. Hubs suggested bowling with the boys. I had some fried cheese sticks there and actually won the first game after getting a couple strikes in a row. Made homemade oreos in the evening.
0928 (Monday) 170.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3087. Exercise Burn 1200/1285 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 1500. Horrible night, couldn't sleep. Down, discouraged, defeated day. Didn't even feel like going to Zumba, but I did, and felt a bit better for going. Went through the motions today. At least the helped keep calories low.
0929 (Tuesday) 169.1. Total Burn 3251. Exercise Burn 1600/1459 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, 60min/4.5milesTrack). Calories in 2450.  A bit disappointed I didn't get a scale drop like last week after a good Monday. Still dragging and down. Another night of bad sleep. Again, didn't feel like going to Zumba, but much better than staying at home in the fetal position. Routine of elliptical and bike, and in the evening #5 had basketball practice. I didn't feel like jogging the track, but didn't want to just sit, or make trips back either, so I jogged the track. #4 had an active day, and came and played basketball at the gym too, and hit a new high of 32k, beating me for the day (which he really wanted to do! I was at 29K). Hubs had a derby he went to straight after work and didn't get home until late. I did overindulge in banana bread and some comfort treats today.
0930 (Wednesday) 168.9. Total Burn 3181. Exercise Burn 1220/1390 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike). Calories in 850. Not sleeping at night. Still down and off. Hit MZL, it was a "pink" theme for breast cancer awareness. Still getting in the steps, even if I'm not getting the heart rate up. Stopped at a few stores on the way home, grabbing some groceries (Maceys, Sams, Walmart). I wasn't very hungry, and really didn't eat all day. I'd put a roast in, and that was dinner, with some Brazilian cheese rolls. I didn't have any sugar today ... TOM time too.

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  1. You in essence maintained through September. Good job! (eeek on the close call of being up in the 170's!) Hopefully things have settled into a routine now that school is back in session and you can get yourself just a tad bit further away from the 170's! :-)


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