Monday, February 8, 2016

WWI #132 - Decent Drop

I can't really say "the weekend" was bad, because Friday was actually pretty great for food and fitness. Saturday and Sunday ... they weren't great, but Mon-Thursday were good for eating and exercise. It showed up on the scale this week too. NUMBERS: Down 1.1 for the official weigh-in, average dropped 2.56 (to 163.74). While I was uberly over on Saturday, I had some low intake days too. Average intake for the week was 1957. Average daily burn was 2611. This resulted in a deficit (-2605) for the week. 

Here's a quick look back at the past seven days ...
  • Friday (0129): I was able to hit a Zumba class, and it was great! I got in 30min elliptical during the day, and then I ended up on carpool duty to basketball practice. This was a 2-hour practice, but a little too far to go home and come back. It was at the local community college, and they have a full gym, so I paid to workout and spend 30min each on upright bike, elliptical, recumbent and treadmill. A big end to the day, and calories in check.
  • Saturday (0130):  Hubs was busy with a derby, and I had two basketball games with the boys. But Hubs and I did squeeze in and early dinner date. Very over in calories intake, and only 20min on the elliptical for exercise:
  • Sunday (0131): No exercise. Not horrible on eating, but still over burn for the day.
  • Monday (0201): Snow again, so I skipped the drive to Draper and did Zumba on my own, but it was good. Also got in an hour of elliptical and I did WEIGHTS! Kept calories low too. Over to the high school in the evening for team dinner duty.
  • Tuesday (0202): Feeling a bit stiff and sore from weights yesterday, but got in Zumba and 40minElliptical. Basketball game in the afternoon, practice in the evening. Got 4000 steps walking while waiting. Another low intake day.
  • Wednesday (0203): Zumba and an hour of elliptical, but still feeling a bit sore. A little higher calories today, but not too bad. #5 had a basketball game at 9:00, and Hubs took #4 to a Jazz game downtown. Late night for everyone.
  • Thursday (0204): Zumba and an hour of elliptical. Got a little walking in during basketball practice. I skipped #3's game, as it was quite far, but took #5 to his 9:00 game except ... oops, it was at 8:00. Low calorie intake day.

 At the community college gym ... two hours of working out while waiting

...during basketball practice for these cute kids!

 ...grabbed a team photo on Saturday of #4 and his team

Walked while waiting on Tuesday during practice - but wore the wrong shoes!


  1. Yay on the loss!

    Your posts always amaze me. You are so busy with your group of men yet you find time and ways to make activity work for yoU!


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