Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #142

BAD week. I've just been dragging. Every. Single. Day. Not sure what's up ... besides my weight, obviously. Just feeling so tired, and down emotionally as well. There were some extreme anxiety issues which leave me feeling very down, Hubs not feeling great, super sad stuff happening to Zumba friends (a loss of a baby, a toddler almost drowning). We owe in taxes this year. We've had some dreary weather too, that really doesn't help. On the bright side, we did have a visit from friends we haven't seen in a couple years, there have been duckies, and we successfully got #3 registered at the high school, getting every class he wanted.

NUMBERS: Official weigh-in was up 1.2. Average weight was up .83 (164.94). Average intake was 2714. Average daily burn was 2534. No surprise there, over for the week by 3727. Step average for the week was just 17393. I got in four sessions of Zumba.  Elliptical was a little down, only hit my hour of elliptical four days, got in 40 on two others and took Sunday off completely for a rest day. One session on the bike. No weights this week.  Here's a quick week recap (for more detail check out the Daily Doings posts):

  • Friday (0408): Dragging day. Late start, so sleep in and no Zumba. Just my hour of elliptical for the day. Uber over on empty calories ... as usual. High School registration for #3.
  • Saturday (0409): 40min on the elliptical for activity. Basketball game for #5 (with some drama when I couldn't find the charger for my video camera). Some Popeyes chicken, cheesy bread and popcorn while watching a movie pushed me way over calories.
  • Sunday (0410): Down day :(  No exercise. Didn't really eat much for the first half of the day, then overate the last half of the day. Hubs had a Menier's attack in the evening again.
  • Monday (0411): Not my usual motivated Monday. Didn't have the energy to attempt Zumba, only got in 40min on the elliptical. Had friends over in the evening.
  • Tuesday (0412): Decent exercise day, with my hour of elliptical and Zumba. Double basketball games in the evening, I walked while waiting the hour in-between. Overate ... as always.
  • Wednesday (0413): Hour of elliptical, Zumba and a session on the bike (as I had to pick up #3 from a 10:00pm practice, and figured reading while riding would be the only way to stay awake). 
  • Thursday (0414): Dragging this week. Got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba but it was a push. But still so easy to go uber over on calories in ...
A bunch of boys! Three of mine, and three friends. We used to hang out all the time until the DiFran Family moved away to California. It was so fun to see them as they came back for a visit!

I had noticed a pair of ducks in the neighborhood lately. I was able to coax them into our backyard. They do fly away every night, but they've been coming back regularly too. I have set them up with a pool to swim in, water to drink, and food to eat. We're really wondering if perhaps the female is ours ... one of the three we raised last summer who flew away in the fall. Has she come home? My son teased me saying "See Mom, you like duckies!" ... because I've been moaning a bit about the prospect of hatching a batch this year. I do like ducks, but raising ducklings is SUCH a big job. Cleaning their box (poop and spilled water), giving them time outside, time in the tub ... eventually they move outside, but it's a lot of work! A wild pair raising their own ducklings in the backyard would be downright easy in comparison. I don't know if these two will decide to nest here or not. I can keep hoping. Hubs went ahead ... and we have seven eggs in the incubator right now too. So I think we'll get ducklings one way or another!

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