Saturday, April 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #144

Another bad week. In addition to weight, I'm late getting my weekly post up, but I guess I did get a couple additional posts up (I'd really like to get one or two in addition to just the weekly weigh-in).  NUMBERS: The official weigh-in was up .8, average also up .82 (165.91). Average daily intake was 2486, average daily burn 2471. That equaled an overage of 2503 for the week. Average steps were 15294. No weights, 533 active minutes, 39.74 miles. FITNESS: I only hit my usual (hour of elliptical and Zumba) three days this week. No bike. No weights.  FOOD: Bad week ... is it ever not? Why can't I control my calories (quality and quantity are both issues). FAMILY: A graveside gathering, a bunch of basketball, and a couple appointments (doctor/dentist).  Here's a quick recap of the week:
  • Friday (0422): Just 40min elliptical, catching last night's Grey's Anatomy. I made coconut goodies, which wasn't good for calorie intake (but they taste oh so yummy). 
  • Saturday (0423): 30min on the elliptical. Basketball game for #5 and a family gathering at the cemetery, followed by food afterward.
  • Sunday (0424): I did do 10min on the elliptical, to finish up my episode I'd started yesterday. Sunday Circles in the morning, pulled pork for dinner.
  • Monday (0425): Although I got in my Zumba and hour of elliptical, I should have gotten in more. At least I did keep calories under burn today.
  • Tuesday (0426): Crazy busy day. I did get in my hour of elliptical and Zumba in the morning. Afternoon was busy with #3 at the doctor then dentist. Then between the three boys, we had FIVE games. I had to arrange for rides, and was only able to hit two of them. #3 got a head gash in his first game (I wasn't there), but played great his 9:00 game. At home after a shower and looking at it, I wondered if it needed stitches but ... too late.
  • Wednesday (0427): Completely lazy day. I wasn't feeling great and talked myself out of Zumba. Only managed two 10min sessions on the elliptical. Still managed to eat ... intake over burn :(
  • Thursday (0428): I made myself hit Zumba, and get in my hour of elliptical. Three basketball games in the evening at 4:00, 5:00 and 9:00.

 Graveside Gathering - Grandpa Gordy (my FIL, gone 24 years on Saturday)

 Aunt Olivia giving the boys lipstick kisses (they weren't thrilled)

 Ouch! #3's head gash! Basketball can be dangerous!

 A bunch of basketball!

... when they aren't playing, they help run clocks and keep stats/scores.

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