Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Toasted Cheese and Tomato Soup

Time for another edition of ... "What We're Eating Wednesday" 
Toasted cheese sandwiches have been a favorite in our home for a while ... it's one of the few sandwiches I will eat. Maybe it's the only one (I don't eat meat sandwiches. I ate a peanut butter and honey sandwich every day at elementary school and then I was done and have never had one since. )  I don't like tomato soup (nothing tomato for me) but my boys do. They dip their sandwich in the soup. Great warm meal on a cold day. 

I was always lazy, and just broke out a can of Cambells when it came to tomato soup. Then, #3 came home raving about some tomato soup he'd had when visiting family. I called Aunt Courtney for the recipe. She said it actually came from Aunt Jami, who had pulled it off Pinterest. You can find it on the ElephantsDeli blog ...

Saute onion in butter. A couple cans of crushed tomatoes. Some heavy cream ... and ORANGE JUICE. Well that's just weird, isn't it? I mean ... I'm not going to eat it anyway, but the combo is curious.  #3 was quite pleased, and I've made it a few times.

#1 son just returned from his mission to Mexico recently. He had not yet experienced the Elephants Deli version of tomato soup. I made some on Sunday (okay, I must admit my label of "What We're Eating Wednesday" is a bit of a misnomer this edition ... "What We're Eating This Week" works and is still alliterative *Ü*). 

But back to the Tomato Soup.
No go for #1.

Hubs had even recommended I cut back on the OJ, so I just used 3/4 cup rather than a full one.  It's apparently quite acidic. With the cream, it's also quite heavy. I may still be pulling out a can of Campbells in the future for #1 (#5 said he preferred the simple soup too). 

One last note on toasted cheese (or do you call them "grilled cheese"?) ... they MUST be cut into triangles. This is non-negotiable to all the boys. Seriously, cut them sideways into rectangles and no one will eat them. And people say I'm picky ...

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  1. I'm a campbells tomato soup girl myself. :-). Easy and cheap!!!

    Hahaha to the triangles! I have to cut mine (all sandwiches really) diagonally...if they are cut in half acrosss the straight edge it ruins it!!!


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