Tuesday, February 21, 2017

TV Tuesday - Waiting for DVD

I must admit, I love Netflix and Amazon Prime for the ease of instant streaming. I know there is Hulu too, but commercials? I hate commercials, that's one of the reasons I wait for streaming! Showtime/HBO have their streaming services as well. It's wonderful!

Now if I ever have issues with the internet or wifi, DVD is a great backup option. But it does require me to pay additionally out of pocket to buy the DVD.  Honestly, I don't even want to keep it for my home library. I watch TV series once and I'm done. Usually I can borrow from the local library, but that necessitates a trip in for pickup, and watching and returning before it's due.  I've been spoiled by streaming! 

I always assume everything will end up online at some point ... but that doesn't seem to be the case. Some shows disappear, and ONLY resurface on DVD.  So last summer, I decided to hit some of the shows that never made it beyond their box sets ...

"The Last Resort" was a fall premiere back in 2012. It looked like something that would appeal to me, but I was willing to wait. I just didn't know how long I'd be waiting! It never appeared on Netflix or Amazon ... (well, on Amazon as a DVD purchase). It was available at my local library, so I checked it out. Coming in so late, I knew it was a one-season show. I do prefer to know that going in, so I don't get attached or anything.  I had thought "The Last Ship" (similar in name, also with subs and navel destroyers) had come out the same year, but I guess the latter was a 2014 premiere. I however, watched both shows close together and it was interesting to compare (and cheer on) the different perspectives (one being on a sub fighting a boat, one captaining the boat battling a sub). "The Last Resort" wasn't post-apocalyptic ... the rest of the world keeps on going. Reading some reviews, critics said this wasn't realistic (is any tv premise really?) but with my limited knowledge of it all, I just enjoyed it. I think knowing they were not going to be renewed, the producers wrapped up the season a little more than they might have if there had been more to come. 

I believe 12 Monkeys is available for streaming on Hulu (but ... commercials!) I can record off Hulu with my PlayOn service and skip commercials, but for this, going the DVD route was a little easier. I've actually already talked about "12 Monkeys" in my Time Travel TV post.

I almost included "Alcatraz" on my Time Travel TV post ... but it wasn't totally time travel. It featured inmates from Alcatraz disappearing from the traditional timeline and reappearing today. Well, in 2012, which was when this series came out. This was another show that never hit streaming services.  Like "The Last Ship" this was a one season wonder ... unlike "The Last Ship" it did NOT wrap things up, and just left the audience hanging.

Another series that aired on Fox (like "Alcatraz" above ... does Fox not negotiate with Netflix or Amazon to stream their old shows?). It's available to stream if you pay for it on Amazon or Itunes, but I didn't want to pay $20+ where there is so much out there already for free (or on subscriptions I do already pay for). I grabbed the DVD from my library and ... are you ready for my rant? IT DOES NOT HAVE CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES! For a long time, DVDs had that advantage over streaming services ... but now Netflix and Amazon offer captions on almost everything (I'm not sure if they were just proactive or influenced by federal law). I thought DVDs had to have captions! I attempted to watch ... there was so much mumbling and background noise I gave up on it. I guess that's one I should have recorded on PlayOn (as it has the ability to record with captions) but it's too late now. It's not online anywhere for free ... I think I would have liked this show.

Finally ... I was able to start "The Expanse" recording from PlayOn (I think it was with my Comcast subscription, maybe it was Hulu) but it was missing episodes. I turned to my local library which had it on DVD.

I normally really like Sci-Fi and space stuff. This was so dark (literally dark, the filming) and gritty and just didn't have any humor to balance out the serious.

Well ... I guess it's mocking of the Mormon church was it's attempt at humor? Growing up LDS, I am always aware of when the church is mentioned in media and such, probably more so than when other other religions are showcased. I do wonder if I would have been as taken aback if it had been Catholic, Episcopalian or Jewish history reworked into a sci-fi storyline. It's wasn't overtly negative really, but still left ME with a negative feeling about it. From the missionaries attempting to share their beliefs, the references to the Book of Mormon, the statue of the angel Moroni on the space ship, the current apostles leading pioneers to a new place to settle ... it was just really odd.

I finished the first season and there is a second going on, but I don't think I'm interested in it. But if YOU are, it IS now available on Amazon Prime for free streaming. 

So I still have a long list of DVDs available at my library if I choose to go the DVD route again. As far as I know, none of these are available on streaming (I know the first three seasons of Orphan Black are on Amazon Prime Streaming ... I've watched them. Been waiting on season four for a while!) I know things are constantly changing on Netflix and Amazon ... things that were streaming no longer are (Psych is one my family misses) and new ones are added all the time. Even without these, I have long lists waiting to watch on both. But it's always nice to have a backup plan too ...
Do you still turn to DVDs?
Have you watched any of these series?

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  1. I've been tearing up 'the Vikings' lately! But I need to get disciplined like you and only watch when I'm exercising!!!


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