Sunday, June 11, 2017

Books for Boys

I have five boys ...

My boys are NOT readers (it's not hereditary and I guess example didn't do much either).  I do try to note books that I enjoyed that I think they might, as well as ones they managed to make it through. If MY boys read a book, it's probably pretty good!

When you Google "Books for Boys" there are generally several standards that come up. Exciting series with a strong male protagonist. Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter. These are quite well known. The Hatchet series (pictured above) has had quite a bit of critical acclaim. All five of my boys read the first book, #4 and I continued through the entire series (five books) and it's still a favorite of my #4. Basic survival stories. While technically "Brian's Winter" was written after "The River" ... I would recommend it as book 2. These are quite short and easy to read, but keep the interest.

I remember when Hunger Games hit the scene, re-igniting a slew of post-apocalyptic dystopion stories. I read and enjoyed the series. #2 read the first two  books, but the story was a little too intense for my #3 (and it featured a girl as the lead character, which shouldn't, but does, impact interest in my boys). The same author has a lesser-know series though... Gregor, the Overlander.

A little more of a fantasy scene ... underground, with talking rats, huge spiders, and people (underlanders) who live there. It seemed a bit similar to Percy Jackson, in tone and escapades, but without the mythology. Each book had a prophecy driving the storyline. I read the five book series, and so did #3 (although it was more because school required reading every day than because he really wanted to read them).  

  • Steelheart: Futuristic x-men type world, certain people now have abilities and become villains ... were only BAD people given abilities, or did the abilities turn them evil? Fun, silly, but entertaining. A trilogy with a novella (between books 1 and 2).  I loved it and bought a hard copy to attempt to introduce it to my boys (Steelheart Series).
  • Ranger's Apprentice: Fantasy series, a little complex ... not sure if my boys would go for it, but I recommended it to my nephews (who are readers) and they loved it. Several books in the series (I've just read the first three at this point). 
  • MindWar: A former football star (now in a wheelchair) excels at computer gaming and is recruited to "play" in a computer game that has real world consequences (really, he needs to save the world). First in a series, I've only read book 1 so far, but did buy the first book for the boys.
  • Boy Nobody: A "James Bond" type teenager.  I liked it and have read a couple of the sequels.
  • Cyber Dawn: Part of the Kindle Prime (borrowed book for the month). A little tech/Bionic Man-ish. 
  • Ashfall: A post-apocalyptic survival story. Yellowstone super-volcano erupts with world-shattering results.  There is a little minor sexual stuff (our teen protagonist does meet a gal, nothing at all explicit, but they are on the lookout for condoms as they look for other food and supplies). Trilogy ... gritty, but kept my interest.  

A friend had recently contacted me asking for recommendations. Books for boys. I wrote this up for him, and then figured I'd share it here on the blog as well. I know as a mom to boys, I am always interested in books that my boys might like ... and I'll read them too! 

Do you have any other "boy book" recommendations?

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