Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weekly Review #201

The scale fluctuates ... I logged an undeserved little loss last week. It caught up with me this week. My overall were slightly better but still, not very good. Without the structure of the school schedule, I'm just not sticking to my routine.

NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.1. Average only up a smidgen (.07 to 177.26). Didn't have a deficit, over by 2064 with intake average at 2400 and burn average at 2603. Step average was 18,192 with 35.66 logged miles. One day over 3000 burn, no 30k days. 

It was a good week for Zumba. I was subbing for Debbie in Daybreak on Monday and Friday (now that school is out, my Friday conflicts are over). The combination of being up front and performing songs I know and like help get the heart rate up. I also hit Zumba Tues/Wed/Thurs for a total of five classes. Life Cycle comes in higher ... as it counts the total time spent at the building. If class starts a little late, or there is chatting afterward ... it's ALL Zumba on that chart ;)

I only got in my hour of elliptical two days this week. Treadmill twice, but no bike or weights. Again. I actually enjoy both, so I'm not exactly sure why I haven't been getting them in. 

#3 had basketball games up at the university, but I didn't make it up to his... the one game I attended this week was #5's final Spring season game with his Grizzlies. Both boys will have basketball clinic next week  (which may add some transport time to my graph) but no games.

Here's a quick day by day recap ...
  • Monday (0605) First official "summer" day ... and my early hour of elliptical did not happen. I got in one session in the morning, and the other two later in the day though. Zumba in Daybreak with me leading. Felt SO tired most of the day though. In bed by 9:30. 23092 steps. 3004 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Tuesday (0606) Zumba with Marian to start the day, got in my three elliptical sessions later on. No other exercise. The boys got in a little basketball. Chicken pillows for dinner. 22932 steps. 3030 burn. 2600 intake.
  • Wednesday (0607) Oy, this summer is NOT good for my exercise routine. Only got in Zumba with MZL today, and my heart wasn't even in that. I did spend some time doing yardwork, mowing the lawn and turning over dirt for the duckies. 15740 steps. 2445 burn. 2500 intake. Oops ... over!
  • Thursday (0608) My Mountain View Zumba class has called it quits, but luckily I have a backup class (another church class, still close and free). I've hit it a time or two before. I know the instructor and several people in the class. Several songs too ... although most had different choreography, which throws me a little. It starts a bit earlier at 8:30, so I didn't get in any elliptical before. Didn't get in any after either. Some treadmill time and more yardwork ... got some sun on my shoulders, a little too much! 22316 steps. 2868 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Friday (0609) Hubs and I had an early morning appointment - health physical for life a insurance policy. Then I was off to Zumba in Daybreak, subbing for Debbie. Looked like a wedding setup (lights, small canopy) but didn't get in our way, just provided a nice atmosphere *Ü* I got in an hour of treadmill time too. Poor #4 got bit by a dog while out walking today! 22887 steps. 2848 burn. 2200 intake.   
  • Saturday (0610) I got two 20min sessions on the elliptical in, and also mowed the lawn. #5 had his final spring basketball game with his Grizzlies. Hubs smoked us tri-tip for dinner. 15546 steps. 2497 burn. 3000 intake (oops, over!) 
  • Sunday (0611) was a rest day, no exercise. Hubs prepped pulled pork for dinner. 4832 steps. 1958 burn. 2400 intake (over again).

Five Featured Photos ...

 Farewell to our fishey ... flush :(

Corner bed ... Hubs had thus big birdhouse custom made to cover up the ugly utility pole (it can be removed if access to the pole is needed, although I don't remember the last time anyone did). My pretty hibiscus bush should be in bloom soon, and I finally bought some flowers (atop a birdbath for height).

 ... and our backyard birds. They are getting SO big!

A huge hound dog decided to chomp down on my son's thigh!
He's okay ... not nearly as traumatized as I am :(
Just one reason why I'm an indoor exerciser!

Final game for these basketball buddies ... Freeman is moving.
His dad was our coach too! We'll miss them!

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