Tuesday, June 6, 2017

TV Tuesday - Fall Finishers

Back in November, I did a post previewing new premiers for Fall 2016. While I don't usually keep current with new shows, I figured I'd do my TV watching duty and give a few of these fall features a try. I gave up on four of them pretty quickly ... and apparently I wasn't alone, as all four were up in the air about getting a second season. I guess Bull and Timeless made the cut, but Notorious and Conviction were cancelled. I actually liked these four shows okay, but not enough for the effort of keeping up with them week to week. I watched 3-5 episodes of each, and may finish out the series if they show up on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Of the four I finished ...
Two ended up being single season shows.
  • Frequency: I really enjoyed this CW show. I'd liked the movie years ago and thought the shift to the series (and to a daughter instead of a son) worked. This finished up quickly, at the end of January (13 episodes), and if I'd known how quickly it would appear on Netflix ... I probably would have waited and just watched it there (I swear it showed up there in February). This was NOT renewed for a second season, so the season finale was the series finale ... but that was okay. It wrapped up. I've also heard there is an "additional ending" on the CW site the concludes things even more completely, although I've yet to look that up. A fond farewell to Frequency ... and if you didn't see it as it aired, check it out on Netflix.
  • Pitch: This received a bit of buzz with such a strong female lead. Featured on Fox, the 10 episode arc ended in December (before Frequency finished, but I had recorded the episodes and didn't watch them until later), took the standard "winter break" ... and then never came back. Unlike Frequency, I didn't feel this finished at all. It just ended from one episode to the next with no closure ... which is frustrating, especially when it ends up being the END.
  • This Is Us: Did any Fall Premiere receive more buzz than NBC's "This is Us"? It was a unique presentation, with the alternating time lines. 18 episodes, concluding in March. I got a bit frustrated waiting the week to week (or more, several weeks over the winter break) and wasn't totally happy with the lack of closure at the season finale (although that's what they do, right? To keep you coming back?) ... at least this one WILL be coming back (already renewed for seasons 2 and 3 with at least 18 episodes each).
  • Designated Survivor: This was another series where I got frustrated with the weekly wait between episodes. I'd totally lose my momentum. I finally stopped watching it, recording the episodes to watch back to back once the season was complete (w/21 episodes, continuing on through mid-May). Unfortunately, I was keeping up on another ABC favorite "Grey's Anatomy" and while I'd fast-forward through the commercials (a benefit of recording the shows), I'd still see previews of current episodes of DS when I watched (as I was keeping current with it). And while this season's storyline wrapped up with a satisfactory conclusion, it then introduced a new problem, setting up season 2. I realize that's done for ratings ... but it leaves me a little unsatisfied. It's one I would want to watch as it continues, but I might wait until the end of the season to even start it up.
Last Fall I did a separate post on continuing series I was keeping current with ... honestly, not many make this cut. "Grey's Anatomy" is one that I still watch week to week. At this point, I'm so familiar with the story and the characters that even waiting a week or more between episodes doesn't really disrupt the show for me. I slip right back into the scenes with ease. I didn't stay completely current with "The Walking Dead" but recorded the episodes and tried to avoid spoilers. I'd watch a few episodes, then let them collect again for a few weeks, watch a few more back to back ... I am a tad weary of the post-apocalyptic survival. Even just watching it wears on me (obviously I'd never survive such a situation!) As per my usual viewing routine ... I watched the battle rounds of "The Voice" ... I feel like I still get a peek at the auditions (as they recap so much) and then have a general idea of who the contestants are (so I can keep a general eye on the competition as it continues). I love the duets/harmonies the battle rounds produce much more than any of the solo songs. The show as a whole doesn't keep me captivated ... I just like that small taste, and that's enough for me.

Thus ends my experimentation attempting to give new Fall premieres a chance ... eh. When next Fall rolls around, or Summer showcases are announced, I'll have to see if anything calls out enough to make me attempt the week to week waiting. Otherwise ... I'll only watch once an entire season is streamable.

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  1. I agree totally about the walking dead. I'm getting rather tired of it....seems to be getting a bit repetitive and not as action packed....maybe different writers...who knows!!!


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