Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekly Review #200

With a high on the scale Sunday morning, I was really hoping that I didn't have that two-pound gain on Monday morning (as has happened the last couple weeks). Not this week ... I guess the jump was Saturday to Sunday. Not sure why there was a loss for this weigh-in ... certainly not deserved according to the numbers. It was a wimpy week! Very off-schedule with the Memorial Day holiday on Monday and the last week of school stuff (graduation, awards assemblies, kids out Friday).  

While I'm still in 2nd/3rd on my ChargeHR Fitbit Friend list, I've tumbled down my One list (to about 6th place, when I'm usually 2nd/3rd there). Almost all the stats were down this week. NUMBERS: Official weight down .6, but average was up 1.16 to 177.19. Average Intake at 2686 was over Average Burn  at 2584, so there was an overage for the week of 4530. Step average was 16570. Logged miles 33.5.  Cardio minutes 470/509/522 and no weight workouts this week.  Two days over 3000 burn, but no 30k days.

EXERCISE: I only got in my hour of elliptical three days this week. Two official Zumba classes and an hour on my own. Two times on the treadmill (just 30min sessions, one was Sunday, which isn't captured on this week's LifeCycle). No bike. No weights.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: My weekly lawn mow and grocery shopping. #5 had seven basketball games, but I only made it to two of them to watch. Graduation ... it took hours, and added transport time too (took over an hour to exit the parking lot). A celebratory dinner afterward, plus out for ice cream earlier in the week. Awards assembly at the elementary school. National donut day too ...

Here's a quick recap of the day to day ...

  • Monday (0529) Memorial Day. No free Zumba class, but I did an hour on my own as Hubs hit the bike. No other exercise for the day ... but there was eating. We went to Leatherbys (ice creamery and restaurant). #5 had a basketball game too. 12543 steps. 2340 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Tuesday (0530) Got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba (me subbing for Marian), but then no additional exercise. Not great on the eating either. 23205 steps. 3121 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Wednesday (0531) Started the day with my three 20min sessions on the elliptical. Zumba with MZL followed by some grocery shopping. There was a shooting nearby, suspect on the loose, which had the neighborhood on edge and elementary schools on lock down. I got down to the gym once more for some treadmill time. 28335 steps. 3109 burn. 2250 intake.
  • (Thursday 0601) Graduation day for #2 ... I got in one session on the elliptical, got the little kids off to school and then it was the ceremony and lunch afterward. Basketball practice for #5 in the evening. 9108 steps. 2196 burn. 3000 intake.
  • Friday (0602) Got in three 20min sessions on the elliptical throughout the day. Final day for #5. He received the "Citizenship Award" for his class and the end-of-year assembly. It was National Donut Day ... we HAD to celebrate, right? #5 had a couple basketball games in the evening, won them both. 17458 steps. 2718 burn. 2850 intake. 
  • Saturday (0603) No official exercise, but I did mow the lawn and do some yard work. #5 had four basketball games. Hubs and the other boys hit the lake. 12527 steps. 2354 burn. 2900 intake. 
  • Sunday (0604) I got in a walk on the treadmill and did some Zumba practice (for subbing tomorrow). Also got in a nap *Ü* 12813 steps. 2247 burn. 2500 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...

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Ice cream outing on Monday, Memorial Day.

 Graduation Announcements for #2

In the cap and gown ...

Cute, cuddly kitties.

#5 and his citizenship award
(only given to one boy/girl in each class)

 Oy ... with the impact of the shifted schedules this week, I'm a little worried about summer! 
Sleeping in, etc. I guess we'll see what happens!

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