Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekly Review #202

I hate it when the scale jumps two pounds from one morning to the next ... especially when it does it TWO mornings in a row, finishing up on official weekly weigh-in day! With Father's Day weekend, there was dinner out and a family BBQ. I made mint brownies and sweet chex mix. I bought a "sharing size" of caramel M&Ms ... and I did not share.

NUMBERS: Official weight was actually only up .4 (it had been up last week, but still, got it beat today). Average was only shifted a smidge, -.12 to 177.14. Average intake was 2429. Average daily burn 2592. I had a deficit three days, but was over intake the other four, ending up with an overage of 2080. Step average was 17030 with 37.87 logged miles. 575/606/594 cardio minutes and 40min with weights. One day with burn 3000+, not really even that close to any 30k days.

My Life ala Life Cycle ...

EXERCISE: I only got my hour of elliptical in three days this week. Zumba was good, with five classes. Treadmill time three days ... still didn't make it back to the bike, but I DID do a weights workout!

OTHER ACTIVITIES: No basketball this week! The boys had a clinic over at the high school (#3 from 10:00 - 1:00 and #5 from 4:00-7:00) so there was a little bit of chauffeur duty connected. The usual bit of grocery shopping and mowing the lawn. We went out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day with Hubs.

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...

  • Monday (0612) Started the day with Zumba (in Daybreak, me subbing for Debbie) and fit in my hour of elliptical in four sessions throughout the rest of the day. Basketball clinic for the boys this week. #1 started summer semester. 24096 steps. 3030 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Tuesday (0613) Squeezed in a quick 10min session on the elliptical before Zumba with Marian this morning. More cars in the parking lot... but it was gathering girls camp. Some of the young women and instructors did join in for a few songs while they waited. I finished up my elliptical to get to my hour. #2 took the littles bowling. Grandparents over for games in the evening. 19915 steps. 2790 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Wednesday (0614) Zumba with MZL, and I got in my hour of elliptical in small sessions throughout the day. Did a little better keeping calories in check today ... unusual! #4 got to hang with friends much of the day ... nice as he's been so bored! 20970 steps. 2784 burn. 1900 intake.
  • Thursday (0615) Zumba with Prairie Stake, Kirsten/Carma subbing for Coriann. Had to hurry home to get #3 to basketball camp (final day) and back to sign papers for his trip next week. #5 had camp later in the day. Got in some treadmill time for additional activity. Made mint brownies and did NOT control calories today. 18806 steps. 2565 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Friday (0616) Started the day with Zumba. Debbie was back and it was a fun class. Store stop on the way home. 30min treadmill time. 17012 steps. 2658 burn. 2500 intake.
  • Saturday (0617) 30min treadmill time and a weights workout. Also mowed the lawn. We had a family dinner out at Rodizio. 12022 steps. 2246 burn 2600 intake. 
  • Sunday (0618) Daddy's Day. We made him breakfast, and he made us (extended family too) brisket. Family gathering and annual family photo (my side). No exercise. 6384 steps. 2069 burn. 2700 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...
 #1 on his first day of summer semester ...

Getting together for games ...

#3 and #5 ... basketball camp this week.

Out to dinner for Daddy's day ...
I suppose one of us should have grabbed the check!

Happy Father's Day! Surrounded by sons!

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  1. The scales are stupid. Just plain stupid. And I'm that's all I can say about it.


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