Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TV Shows - Selling Sex

Time for TV Tuesday

In TV today, there are plenty of shows with an MA rating for violence, language and of course ... sex. So many shows are loaded with sexual content, but then there are a few that sex IS the story. I'll admit to being a bit embarrassed about indulging in some shows ... guilty pleasure and all that. Although really, I wasn't that impressed with any of these three.

  • The Arrangement: This had a definite "Pretty Woman" feel, to start anyway. Apparently a loose connection to Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes with the cult-like"Institute" instead of Scientology. The story just didn't really keep my interest. I finished the season, as I like closure, but I won't be watching more (if there is more). 
  • The Client List: I guess originally this was a movie, then turned into a series? I just watched the series. About a mother who has to turn to giving extras with massages to support her family. It really wasn't explicit, but did feature JLH in a lot of skimpy outfits ... and a bad accent! I had a bit of a hard time getting past her western drawl. The storyline was a little silly (the whole "client list" thing)  and the fact that all the guys coming in paying for these "happy endings" are young and handsome and really just want someone to talk to. JLH's character is quite the therapist.
  • Harlots: As the title states ... this show takes place in a brothel in the 1700s. This was the most explicit of the three shows. The storyline was interesting, but ultimately quite depressing. I'm also not a fan of the period, with the big wigs and powdered faces. Only eight episodes, so I did see it through to the end. 
Generally, when I'm watching while working out, it's pretty private (as it is a home gym). When the kids are home however (more so in summer than when school is in session) it's not unheard of for them to pop in to ask me a question. If I ever have a show like this, or anything else prompting the MA rating, I try to have the remote control handy to quickly turn it off if needed ;)

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