Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weekly Review #197

Last week my "wicked weekend" didn't show up on the scale. This week ... it did. I'd managed to drop a bit by the end of the week (Thurs/Fri), but then Sat/Sun/Mon the scale climbed back up. Big jump Monday morning, after an indulgent Mother's Day ;) I'm really hoping it's one of those unnatural ups that immediately goes back down (I mean, when it's a two pound jump in one day? Silly scale!) It was an active week, with improvements in almost all the stats ...

NUMBERS: Official weight at 176.6, up two pounds, but the average was down (-1.13) to 173.91.  I had a deficit for the week (-2100) with average intake 2264 and average daily burn 3050. Step average was 25,622, with 95.88 logged miles. Cardio minutes 1000/946/1041 and 80min w/weights. Four days with 30k steps and 3000+ burn.

My week ala Life cycle ...

EXERCISE: I hit my hour of elliptical five days this week (graph says six as I did some on Saturday and then it rounded up). Four Zumba classes and then some on my own. Four sessions on the bike (so that was two hours of dedicated reading too *Ü*). Five times on the treadmill, plus an hour walk while waiting during basketball practice (which I believe logged here as basketball instead of walking). Hit the weights twice this week. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Four basketball games, the usual grocery shopping, a little gals evening out (pedicures) and at the podiatrist with #2 for his troublesome toes.

Here's a quick look at the day by day ...
  • Monday (0508): Full day! Fit in the usual exercise ... an hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Debbie, an hour walk, a session on the bike and weights. A visit to the podiatrist with #2 and then ducklings! Three eggs hatched. 33552 steps. 3592 burn. 2300 intake.
  • Tuesday (0509): A bit distracted by ducklings today, as our final egg was struggling, but did finally hatch. Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba w/Marian (walk to/from class), bike and 30min treadmill walk. #3 got his braces off! Basketball game in the evening with #3, his final game of this spring session. 31011 steps. 3366 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Wednesday (0510): Hour of elliptical early, Zumba with MZL, hour Twalk, bike and lawn mow. Had to run #1 to drop off and pick up his car as he had some work done on the sound system. 33096 steps. 3455 burn. 2100 intake.
  • Thursday (0511): Got in my hour of elliptical, Zumba w/MountainView, bike, weights, 30minTreadmill and an hour walk during #5's basketball practice. Stop at the grocery store and an accident (just observed, had to detour) picking up middle school carpool. The birds add a bit (more than a bit) of work too. 33883 steps, 3370 burn, 1800 intake. 
  • Friday (0512): Not as productive ... late start leads to later elliptical. Still got in my hour, but not so early. Did 30min of Zumba on my own, and 30minTreadmillIntervals. Made snickerdoodles and #5 had practice. 22735 steps. 2900 burn. 2200 intake.
  • Saturday (0513): Just two 20min sessions on the elliptical for exercise (and catching up on "Grey's Anatomy" *Ü*). #5 had three basketball games them my SIL kidnapped me (and the other gals in the family) for a pedicure. Hubs was gone to the dunes all day. 16527 steps. 2513 burn. 2450 intake. 
  • Sunday (0514): Mother's Day ... definitely over on the eating with a big breakfast in the morning and a family bbq in the evening. Some duck(&gosling) drama. No exercise (other than the frantic barefoot walk around the neighborhood in search of our missing gosling ... found her!) 8549 steps. 2156 burn. 3000 intake (there was b-day cake too).
Five Featured Photos ...

 Three ducklings hatched Monday ...
the fourth finally broke free Tuesday afternoon. 

After two long years ... a straight smile!

 Senior Dinner Dance on Friday for #2 and his gal

 Pampering the piggies with my SILs and MIL

Happy Mother's Day to Me ...
Look what my cute boys came up with!
... a re-creation of a favorite photo (adding in #4 and #5 too)
My how things change in 16 years!

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