Tuesday, November 29, 2016

TV Tuesday - Fall 2016 (Take Two)

It's TV Tuesday.

I recently did a 2016 Fall Premiere's post, showcasing some of the new shows I decided to try. Of course, I'm keeping up with some old favorites ... although the list is pretty small! Really ... only TWO shows are on my list.

I don't remember when I started watching Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't at the very beginning. I remember getting DVDs from the library, so I was at least a season or two late, but here I am current with Season 13 starting up.

It's a bit of a joke between Hubs and me.
His name is Grayson.
Gray. Gray's Anatomy?
I like Gray's Anatomy.
I like Grey's Anatomy. 

I don't watch live on Thursday nights ... but Friday I make sure I record the latest episode, and I generally get to it within a day or so. Gotta avoid spoilers!  I know so many fans were mad when Derek died and said the stopped watching. I was sad, but I'm still keeping up with it ...

... and then ...
I like post-apocalyptic stuff, so it's no surprise I've been enjoyed TWD. Hubs and I had been watching it together for years, but last fall, we just weren't finding the time. I was afraid of spoilers and I admit ... I cheated. I watched it on my own down in the gym. It's a great show to watch while working out. Adrenaline gets pumping! Hubs has never caught up on Season 6, so again, I'm watching Season 7 on my own while I elliptical. I record the episode as it hits the Internet Monday morning and try to get to it before I hear too much. I knew about Abraham and Glen going in to that first episode. That's a risk you take when you don't watch live I guess. The stories are getting SO spread out though. Characters are in different places and usually an episode showcases only one storyline, so it just doesn't move much week to week (I've thought the same for Game of Thrones).

Our family has been a little hit and miss with The Voice. There was a season where my boys were absolutely fanatical about the show! Other seasons ... no interest whatsoever! Many people indicated they were turned off by the new judges ... my boys said that too. I decided to give a few episodes a try this season. Personally ... I love the BATTLE rounds. The harmonies of the voices coming together. I know they sell the songs on Itunes, but it's the individual artists versions ... I like the duets! I didn't bother with the blind auditions, but just watched the battles. You get background on the contestants anyway, there is so much repeat info.Once they were over ... I'm out. I figure I have at least a working knowledge of who some of the singers are, so as the season continues and I see an ad or catch a conversation, I might know who they are talking about.

And then of course ... BASKETBALL! I really think we could quit cable completely if not for basketball. My #4 is such a fan.  I did a TV Tuesday post back in February, when I finally caved and ordered League Pass for the remainder of the season. 

This year? We went ahead and ordered it upfront. In fact, my son really wanted to see some of the preseason games, so we ordered it early.

Like last time, we hit some snags! I was going to order it through our cable company, but Comcast said it wasn't "in season" yet (even though the preseason games were being advertised). I could upgrade to NBA TV (different from League Pass, and includes some games League Pass doesn't) so we did do that.  I went directly to the NBA website and ordered League Pass through them. 

There is almost always a "free trial" of League Pass offered each year, in an attempt to hook new customers. Apparently there was one going the times my son was watching via Comcast channels. When the trial was over ... the channels no longer worked. We could still access game via our Roku, but then it's streaming, using data, and is a bit more work to flip between games. Although the NBA site seemed to indicate a way to link the cable with our current subscription, a call to customer service said it wasn't going to work that way. We ended up having to cancel and get a refund from NBA.com and reorder League Pass from Comcast (now available, as the season had started). So, a lot of rigamarole! #4 does still watch down in the gym at times, but he's not as active as he was last Spring. He prefers watching upstairs. Hubs ended up calling Comcast and upgrading to HD too. So yea ... cable bill is going up. 

Coincidentally, as we made our upgrades, some special pricing plan we'd been on ended, so our costs increased even without any additions. We'd been given HBO and another channel free, as part of our programming. Now, we were being charged for them. I cancelled them. Not worth the cost. Hubs is a little unhappy, because GOT is starting up soon, and without our HBO, we won't be able to watch. We'll have to see how much he misses it ... or if it will fall by the way, like TWD did for him.  I'm willing to wait, grab it when it hits DVD, or pay for a month of service when the season is done and watch the episodes back to back. Will we be able to avoid spoilers though?

What Fall Favorites have you looked forward to?

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