Sunday, August 18, 2013

Home Alone

A little while ago, I posted about the upcoming family vacation. The image above WAS my response to learning of such plans. I really debated staying or going, and ultimately I decided to stay home.  It wasn't so much that I needed a break and wanted the time to myself. It was the car ride, the eating issues, comforts of home (I'm talking toilets here... and my bed and A/C), and how easily overwhelmed I get out of my usual routine. Hubby was very understanding. A couple of the kids (my mama's boys) were a bit dismayed by my decision, but I figured this would be a good thing for them too. They were off ... and I was home alone.

It was very quiet. I went ahead and cleaned the house and guess what? It STAYED clean! I had oodles of time to exercise, and exercise I did. I had several 30k days. Exercise-wise, I got in a lot more than I usually do with the family around, a TON more than I would have gotten had I gone on the trip (I don't think I would have gotten any in). I did miss my ping pong partners though. Food-wise, the home alone time went both ways. On the one hand, I wasn't constantly being asked/expected to make high calorie items (for example, every Sunday I make Belgian waffles for breakfast and homemade oreos for dessert after dinner).  I wasn't in the kitchen much at all. No Friday night date going out to eat or to the movies, no donuts on Saturday morning. No ordering out for pizza (not that I eat pizza, see my Eating Issues post, but I LOVE cheesy bread). No mac&cheese or peanut butter sandwiches (I'd never make them for me, but I always seem to have just a little nibble as I prep them for the kidlets). I could just eat MY foods and try to make healthy choices. But then ... I was a little lonely, and feeling a bit like a bad mother/wife/sister-in-law/daughter-in-law and emotional eating came into play a bit. Also, I'd never just take a full bag of chips as I caught up on the computer, or eat straight from the ice cream carton ... but with no one around to catch me or judge ... But again, compared to the eating  I WOULD have done on the trip  (snacking in the car, going out to eat) I'm sure I still came in ahead here at home. 

It's interesting to think about how much others impact our exercise and eating. 
Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. 

I got in a little sunshine.
I can't really do that with the boys around.

It was interesting to note how my sleep habits shifted. Normally, Hubby (and therefore me too) is an "early to bed and early to rise" type of person. We are usually in bed by 10:00. He's up uber early ... ok, I'll admit I've been sleeping in this summer, but during the school year I'm always up by 6:00 or 6:30.
With everyone gone, I'd often pull a late workout, then work on the blog or read or something. I stayed up past midnight most nights (which is very unlike me!). And then with no one around ... it was some major sleeping in. I've spend some nights without hubby before (as he'd go on trips for work or scouts), but I'd never been completely alone in the house at night before. 

And here is what I missed ...
 The car ride is literally better without me there.
Then #1 can sit in the front, 
and #3 isn't squished in the back with the little ones.
16+ hours (one way)

The Space Needle with cousins. 

 Orcas Island ... camping and lake fun.

The family is still on the road on the way back, but they will be home today. I plan on having some homemade oreos ready and waiting. I hope they missed me a little bit. I'll be happy to have hubby home. Back to the chaos of being mom to these five great boys. It's the final week of summer. There's back to school night, orthodontist appointments, last minute school shopping (I did some while they were gone) and whatever fun we want to squeeze into these last few days. 


  1. Once our kids went back to the babysitter my thursday mornings opened back up. I missed them but I got SO much done!

  2. I love "me" time, no matter how much I love being with the kids and their dad! Sometimes a quiet house is just heaven. Sounds like you had a good time and much-needed rest. Hope they have a safe trip home and enjoy their Oreos!

  3. Hi, Jen! You left a message on my blog and I just added you as a friend on MFP. I actually live in Seattle! We went up to the San Juan's just recently to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephew who live up there. I think a stay-cation is totally legit. And what better stay-cation then one with peace and quiet when, I am sure, your house is typically busy. I bet your boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I hope you did too. :)


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