Monday, November 28, 2016

Unstoppable Songs

Another edition of Musical Mondays! 

I was looking for an image to go with my "Unstoppable" theme ... Love it!

When I first started working out, music was my inspiration. After a while, I switched to TV. But that doesn't eliminate music from my exercise routine. Some of my favorite song discoveries come from television. Background music, intro or credits ... I try to keep my phone handy to Shazam any songs that really strike me. "Grey's Anatomy" has had some awesome covers, familiar yet so different. I always notice the music in that show! "Finding Carter" (and MTV production) unsurprisingly had a lot to offer. I just finished up the CW show "Containment" ... I'd noticed and liked quite a bit of the music in it. I even looked it up to see if there was a soundtrack available.  I found an awesome website that showcases music from anywhere, a great resource! It's called TuneFind (and here's the Containment Soundtrack).

The other day I was catching up on the new Fall Premiere "Pitch" when some music made me pause my elliptical, grab my phone and find out what it was.

I stopped ... for Unstoppable. 

A new song by Sia. I liked the theme of the song, as well as the music itself. Plus, it sounded like a song that would work as a soundtrack for when I make muvees of my boy's basketball games.  It worked perfectly I think. So instead of linking to the official video on YouTube to introduce the song to you, here are the highlights from a recent basketball game ... (my boy is #5).

Didn't that chorus just grab you? Great lyrics! Inspirational song!
I love it more each time I listen to it.

My husband was in the room as I was finishing up the muvee and the song was playing. He asked "What song is that?" and he really liked it too. Love songs that grab you the first time you hear them!

Ironically, it's not my only Unstoppable song I used as a basketball soundtrack.
I'd used another one with the same title earlier in the season!

This song is by Kat DeLuna ... from the "Confessions of a Shopaholic" soundtrack.
Movies are a great source for new music finds too.

Do you notice background music in movies and television?
Do you use Shazam or other apps to find out the name/artist of a song you like?

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