Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #173

While the official weigh-in is down a little, the average is up (177.6) ... weight was up all week. NUMBERS: Down .8, average up 2.33. No deficit this week, over by 593. Daily intake average was 2508. Daily burn average was 2713. Step average 19760. 818 cardio minutes, 63.37 exercise miles ... no weights again. FITNESS: Hour of elliptical achieved five days, Zumba four days, twice on the treadmill for an easy walk. Over 3000 burn three days, but didn't get over 30k any day.

Daily Recap ...

  • Friday (1111): Intake 2000. Burn 2390. With the shift in schedules (late start, early out) Fridays haven't been very productive. #5 was out of school again this week too. Only and hour of elliptical. Afternoon was busy with making cookies and running kids.
  • Saturday (1112): Intake 2400. Burn 2508. Only two 20min sessions on the elliptical, but kept active anyway. Cleaning house in the morning, a basketball game in the afternoon, then we had my folks over for smoked ribs in the evening. Aunt Olivia came and gave the boy's haircuts.
  • Sunday (1113): Intake 3200. Burn 2025. Big breakfast, tons of treats ... I just couldn't stop. Then Hubs made his popcorn while we watched a show. I did a two mile walk on the treadmill, but that couldn't combat the calories!
  • Monday (1114): Intake 2300. Burn 3057. Zumba with Southziders and 80min elliptical. Busy afternoon with carpools, smoked meat and puppy playtime.
  • Tuesday (1115): Intake 2900. Burn 3039. I walked/from Zumba with Marian, and gotten in five 20min sessions on the elliptical.  Trying to eat better ... but then scarfed some chocolate pretzels, and Hubs brought home chic-fil-a after a derby. 
  • Wednesday (1116): Intake 2200. Burn 3028. Zumba with MZL and 80min elliptical. Headache, needed to pop some pills and lay down for a nap. "Meet the Team" night at the high school, followed by a parent meeting ... and SNOW.
  • Thursday (1117): Intake 2550. Burn 3086. Zumba with MountainView, 80minElliptical and a 1.75mile walk on the treadmill. Hubs had a derby, and a reluctant #5 went along to help.

Five Featured Photos ...

 Haircut Housecall ... so nice of Aunt Liv to come over to cut!

Hubs put the brisket in the smoker before leaving for work on Monday. I kept watch on the temperature and when it hit 160° I wrapped it in foil, and pulled it at 200° ... this was my first time helping. Other than EATING it that is. (I also try to do the clean up when Hubs does the cooking). I often refer to my offspring numerically, I was thrilled when my #2 and #3 got THEIR numbers for the upcoming basketball season (my #5 is #5 on his little team too). I got to see them in action Tuesday night.

Our neighbors were working longer hours this week, and asked if the boys would come over after school to give their puppy a potty/play break. We helped out Mon/Tues/Wed and the boys loved it.

 ... but Wednesday, there must have been a little more licking contact to #4's face. Allergies. He'd been just fine the first couple days. This happens with our cats too. Sometimes a scratch or rub just causes a reaction. A little Benedryl and he was fine ... but also OUT for the night.

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