Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #172

Oy ... and the uptick increases! Lucky sevens! NOT. Well, this was a wacky week! All the election upheaval. I'm probably not even one who is as impacted by it all as much as many out there, yet ... I found myself sitting and reading a lot. Exercise down, eating up. Emotional, nervous eating. Seriously, it was pretty bad as I looked in the garbage at all the candy wrappers there (you'd think those left over snack size portions would be safer, except that I kept going and going).  It was also my birthday this week. 46 ... 

NUMBERS: Official weight in was 3.4 pounds up. Ouch. Average was up .28 (175.27). There was an overage this week, 1143. Calories in average was 2478, average daily burn was 2740. Step average was 18,098. 718 cardio minutes, 52.15 exercise miles, no weights.

Here's the day by day ...
  • Friday (1104): Intake 1500. Burn 2428. Elementary was out, and #2 was heading to watch girl's volleyball (instead of school). Got in an hour of elliptical and kept calories in check.
  • Saturday (1105): Intake 3400. Burn 2168. My low calorie day caught up with me! Starving in the morning, and a family function had yummy cinnamon roll, orange roll bites. Then there was Popeyes for dinner, popcorn and plenty of treats during the day (Hubs brought home some salted caramels). Uber over on calories, and only a tiny 10min session on the elliptical, although I also mowed the lawn for activity.
  • Sunday (1106): Intake 2600. Burn 2019. Rest day. Family activity in the evening.
  • Monday (1107): Intake 2000. Burn 3066. Zumba with Southziders and 90min elliptical. Basketball tryouts at the high school have begun ...
  • Tuesday (1108): Intake 2000. Burn 3134. Zumba with Marian, walking to/from. Lovely day! 80minElliptical. Also, election day!
  • Wednesday (1109): Intake 2900. Burn 2964. Zumba with MZL, 80minElliptical. Over on calories ... some nervous eating today!
  • Thursday (1110): Intake 3000. Burn 2818. Zumba with MountainView. 60minElliptical ... my birthday today. Out to dinner with Hubs and my folks. Official announcement of the sophomore team, and #3 made it!
Five Featured Photos ...

Family photo after cousin Will's baptism on Saturday.

 Then off to watch basketball ... my cute new "Boy Mom" shirt!

 Being the only girl in the family ... 
No one to blame but myself when the vacuum stops working!
Hubs was able to clean it out and get it up and running again.

Sophomore basketball team posted!
My boy ... first on the list (it's alphabetical)
Congrats to Keaton (my #3) 

 Some sunflowers (gotta grab a picture before they fade).

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  1. Happy birthday!!!!

    I'm afraid of the scales...but I will face them tomorrow!!!


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