Saturday, November 26, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #174

I had this week in the bag ... in the garbage bag! BAD week for weight, food and fitness. I'm at a bit of an "I've given up" point. Still tracking and getting some activity in, because it's habit. I did get decent stats at my Monday Zumba class, actually got the heart rate up. But other than that, exercise has been a bit half-hearted, what little I have been doing.

NUMBERS: Weekly weigh-in was up 3.6 pounds. BUT ... it's a little unfair to have official weigh-in the day after Thanksgiving isn't it? Does that really count? Average was actually down a smidge (-.56 to 177.4). I was over on eating this week though ... 1782 over. Average intake was 2364. Average daily burn was 2442. Step average was 13742.  FOOD: Under 2000 one day, but over 3000 one day. There was a double donut day, a birthday dinner out, turkey cookies and Thanksgiving ... hard week for controlling calories. FITNESS: Only hit my hour of elliptical three days this week. Only two Zumba classes. One treadmill walk. I didn't get in a weight session again, but did spent 10 whole minutes doing some resistance stuff. 487 cardio minutes, 39.59 exercise miles. FAMILY: It's was Hub's birthday on Saturday. Donuts in the morning, dinner in the evening. Birthday cake on Sunday. Only two "routine" days (Mon/Tues) as the kids were out of school on Wednesday. Doctor's appointments and some shopping. Thanksgiving prep ... we were hosting this year.

A look at the day to day ...
  • Friday (1118): Intake 2200. Burn 2456. A bit of a frustrating day with calling for doctor appointments, dealing with some account fraud, late carpool ... got in my four 20min sessions on the elliptical.
  • Saturday (1119): Intake 3200. Burn 2192. Hubs and #2 brought home donuts. Double donut day! Hubs birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse in the evening. Uber over on calories. Did get in a couple of elliptical sessions. #5 had his championship basketball game ... they lost, but seemed to handle it better than the last time.
  • Sunday (1120): Intake 2200. Burn 1921. Pancake breakfast, as Hubs had the smoker going for our pulled pork dinner later. Took a rest day, no exercise.
  • Monday (1121): Intake 2400. Burn 3053. Good Zumba class with Southziders, even though I forgot my water! Double carpool morning and triple carpool afternoon. I did get in my four 20min sessions on the elliptical in throughout the day.
  • Tuesday (1122): Intake 1950. Burn 2964. Four 20min sessions on the elliptical and Zumba with Marian, although I didn't walk today. Made turkey cookies.
  • Wednesday (1123): Intake 2300. Burn 2263. No school, so slept in. Was feeling off, and bagged going to Zumba. Only hit the elliptical once. Sports physical for the two older basketball boys, then some clothes shopping for #3. Hubs took the three youngest downtown to the Jazz game in the evening. Great seats!
  • Thursday (1124): Thanksgiving! We were hosting, so we'd done some cleaning yesterday, finished prep today. Hubs smoked the turkeys and tried out his new ricer for mashed potatoes. Even with family over, it was just a dozen of us, but it went well. I did hit the treadmill after dinner for an easy 30min walk, 10min resistance.

 Some weeks I struggle to come up with five photos to feature ... not this week!
 We visited Maga's kitties on Saturday ...

 Then out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Happy birthday Hubs!

 My annual turkey cookie tradition ...
I ate more than my fair share.
These have slightly more carbs than the traditional bird ;)

 Great seats at the NBA game (price on each ticket was $650!)

Hubs made sure there was plenty of food for Thanksgiving!

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  1. Take the 'who cares' mood and enjoy it for the day then chop chop back to solid healthy eating!! :-)

    You do so well!!!!!


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