Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #171

I was up the first weigh-in of October, and NOT happy about it. I mean, I'm never happy about weight being up, but that week I had really tried, and it was really up! This week, I'm at about the same spot, but it doesn't feel so undeserved this time. I admit. I gave up a bit this week. Still tracked food. Still got in exercise ... but only because it's habit. I'm discouraged and down. Well, not down in weight obviously. I just don't know when this inching upward will end. I'm about back to my "start" weight. Again.

NUMBERS: Up 1.6 for the official, up 1.3 for the average (174.99). Intake average for the week was 2264. Burn average was 2623. Supposedly at deficit (-972) for the week. Average steps were 19,124.  780 cardio minutes, 56.22 exercise miles ... no weights. FOOD: Candy corn still a temptation, other Halloween candy too. Ice cream also made a comeback (the teen boys are loving it, but I indulged a bit myself). FITNESS: Only hit my hour of elliptical four days this week. Zumba was at a high, with six sessions. No bike or treadmill. FAMILY: Sick kids over the weekend, and bigger kids out of school on Friday. Hubs was busy with a late work party Friday night and three derbies during the week. Some homework help stress with #3 and his "pumpkin catcher" and then there was Halloween.

A look at the day to day ...
  • Friday (1028) Intake 1950. Burn 2713. High school and middle school was out for the end of quarter. I was able to hit Zumba with Debbie, and got in an hour of elliptical. #5 coming down with the sickies, didn't make it to his practice. Bad night.
  • Saturday (1029) Intake 2300. Burn 2207. Thryve was offering a free Zumba class, so I hit that in the morning, but no other exercise for the day. #5 was sick and missed both basketball games :( Movie (DVD) and popcorn in the evening.
  • Sunday (1030) Intake 2400. Burn 2145. Got a couple session on the elliptical in. Big breakfast, lazy day. 
  • Monday (1031) Intake 2400. Burn 2940. Boys back to school, back to routine. Zumba with Southziders (Christa,Deb and I did class) but just 40min elliptical. Some trick-or-treat walking.
  • Tuesday (1101) Intake 2500. Burn 3057. Zumba with Marian, plus I walked to/from class. 90min of elliptical ... but should have done weights today.
  • Wednesday (1102) Intake 2200. Burn 2875. My hour of elliptical and Zumba with MZL. Frustratingly on the phone much of the evening.
  • Thursday (1103) Intake 2100. Burn 2981. Zumba with MountainView, and 80min elliptical. Early out at the elementary. 
 Five featured Photos ...

I dressed up for Halloween Zumba on Friday

 My two little sickies ...

#5 ... get it? He's a "chick magnet"

And on that theme, 
 ...  an illuminating text conversation with my 16-year old

On Tuesday I couldn't find my Scosche armband ... not in my bag, my purse, my car. It had slipped inside my shoe, and of course I decided to wear different shoes that day! I'm just glad it wasn't lost.

... that was MY week.
The end of October. It's November now.

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