Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Recent Reads - Three Trilogies

It's been a bit since I did a RECENT READS post ... but I have been reading. A LOT! I've been hitting the stationary bike for 30min almost every day (where I read while I ride), and then I do get in a bit of reading before bed (or at night when I can't sleep, which has been happening a little too much of late). But I have been getting through the books! I thought I'd post today about three post-apocalyptic trilogies I've read recently.

I actually read book 1, Ashfall, quite a while ago (in 2012 according to my GoodReads list). In it, a super volcano erupts, and the ash effectively blocks out the sun, causing an endless winter. This is a story of survival. The main characters are a little too competent (I'd sure want Darla by my side in an apocalypse) but it was an exciting and interesting read. I'm not sure why I didn't feel compelled to continue as book 1 ended, but I finally put the two sequels on hold at my library and finished up the series and quite enjoyed it. It is quite violent and dark, and there is a little sexual content (although nothing too graphic). 

I picked up "The In-Betweener" as a free Kindle download, and noticed the entire series was part of the Kindle Unlimited Library (I don't pay for Kindle Unlimited, but I do get one free borrowed book a month with my Prime membership). Sometimes "you get what you pay for" on these free offerings, but this series was a very pleasant surprise. It is a zombie world (although I don't know that they ever use that word), but this is the first series that actually explained how it came about (and I'm no brain surgeon, but it seemed plausible). I love the consistency of the covers ... although the POV shifts from Emily to Veronica, from the first book to the final two (yet the cover showcases the same girl). There are a lot of time shifts in the books too (present day to flashbacks) but they are all clearly labeled in the chapter headings. I really enjoyed this series, and ended up buying one of the books (and reading the final on Prime) so I could read them back to back.

I picked up this series from my local library, and was happy to see the trilogy was complete before I even started the first book. I really liked book 1 "The Testing" as it set up the world and the characters. It definitely had a Hunger Games/Divergent feel to it, but was it's own story. I was ready to move onto book 2 as soon as I finished the first ... but I did get bogged down a bit in books 2 and 3. I got a little tired of the "is this another test?" mentality, but overall, a good series.

So if you are looking for some post-apocalyptic survival stories ... 
I enjoyed these three trilogies!

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