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Zumba September 2015

Wacky Wednesday at MZL - Think Pink!
September 30, 2015

I went to Zumba 24 times in September ... that is down a few from the previous months. There wasn't class on Labor Day (Sep7) and I missed a Friday class to help out at the elementary school. The Fridays I did hit, I went back to Heather Jones's classes, but alas, she has decided to discontinue her free Friday :(  There are some Friday classes here in West Jordan, but they all start at 9:00ish, and that just doesn't work with the middle school's late start (I'm dropping #3 off at 9:30). So I tried on Friday by myself, and that may be what I have to do ...

My numbers were a little lower this month. I know I felt some fatigue, just really haven't had as much energy.  It's been hard to get the heart rate up, the ChargeHR has almost always been 100calories under the FitbitOne this month. I also noticed, that when I was in charge of picking my songs, I was staying away from some of my more energetic ones (Terrible, Estoy) in favor of "easier" ones ...

Here are the stats for September.

Marian was still out of town after the Labor Day weekend and asked me to sub for that class (0908). I didn't do it all myself, as there are other "helpers" to fill the hour. I did get my highest calorie average and highest average heart rate that day (which makes sense, as I'm up front, and picking my favorite songs I know the best). MZL almost always gets the award for the highest step count, and they did this month (0902) with 7421.

There was a Southziders Neon party on a Friday night (the Friday I missed no less) ... and I didn't have anything going that night (Hubs was off on a hike) but my motivation was low. I didn't get any Zumba classes on Saturday, but I did do a little 20min workshop with the 9-11 year old girls in our area. That was fun.

I did throw in a TRACK workout, just to see how the stats compare to Zumba. I would alternate jogging and walking as needed while I watched my son's basketball practice (0929). It actually did come in higher for the calorie estimate and step count (with 8864 steps!) ... but I sure do enjoy Zumba more! I don't jog for enjoyment, but I can say that Zumba is something I look forward to.

Hopefully I can get my heart rate up more next month!

I didn't get many pictures in September - 
Here are a couple I snagged from the various group pages.
MZL - View from the Stage
(if you look,  you can see me down on the floor)

Amanda at Southziders
(Love the line-up. Looks like she has multiple arms and legs!)

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  1. Even though it wasn't your highest zumba still did a LOT of classes. :-)


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