Saturday, October 17, 2015

WWI #116 - Gain After Golden Corral

I had another pretty good weekend, and weight was going down. I expected a drop for the official weigh-in Friday morning ... but alas, it bopped up. I blame Golden Corral. You know, the all-you-can-eat buffet. We went on Thursday. I  didn't overeat,  had "dinner" very early in the day (around 5:00),  still had a deficit for the day ... so I really didn't think it would be that bad. But like last week, the scale shifted up from Thursday to Friday morning. 

My overall numbers for the week were good though ... only the .1 down for the official weekly check-in, but my average dropped 2.37 pounds (to 163.63) so I was happy about that. I did keep calories in check most of week, the average was 1864. I stayed active, and average daily burn was 3008.  Here's a quick recap of the week ...

  • Friday (1009): An hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike. I didn't have the energy to do Zumba on my own, and I haven't found a class that works with the middle-school's late start. Not a productive day. Hubs had a derby in the evening. Kept calories under 2000, but just barely.
  • Saturday (1010): Very productive day! Watched #5 in his  basketball game in the morning. For exercise, an hour of elliptical and 30min bike. Cleaning the house, vacuuming, organizing cupboards, laundry, dishes, bathrooms and mowing the lawn too. Helped #4 with some a school project. Hubs took the ducks to a farm. He brought home Krispy Creme doughnuts. I'd really limited calories for the day and wasn't sure I wanted to break that ... but I did have one. #4 resisted completely.
  • Sunday (1011): I had to hit church a little earlier than my usual, but I walked to/from. Also got in an hour of elliptical (three 20min sessions). We had a Texas Roadhouse dinner. I did limit myself to just one roll, and didn't overdo, but still one of the higher calorie days in a while. Intake and burn about even for the day.
  •  Monday (1012): Back to my early starts. Elliptical, Zumba, bike and some treadmill today. A bit on the WiiFit too. Hubs was gone all evening with #4 at a basketball game downtown. I stayed out of the candy corn completely and kept calories in check today.
  • Tuesday (1013): The kids went to school early enough that I came home and walked to Zumba. Also got in an hour of elliptical, bike, and 15min weights. Wimpy weight workout, but better than nothing, right? #5 had basketball practice in the evening. I wasn't up for jogging, but I still walked ... my ChargeHR was wonky giving me high readings. Not sure what was up, but my heart rate wasn't even though it said it was. Too many treats today.
  • Wednesday (1014): We were to wear purple to Zumba today. They took a big group picture. Early out at the elementary, as the kids have a long weekend for Fall Break. Still got in my bike, and 100min on the elliptical. I started a new show (Zoo) and I think it has me interested enough that I wanted to get in some extra sessions. 
  • Thursday (1015): The kids were out of school, so I slept in. Barely made it to 9:00 Zumba. I'd promised the little boys a trip to Golden Corral. Probably our last though, they were not impressed. #4 didn't eat much, didn't even have any dessert (usually that is his favorite part). Zumba in the evening too.
 I didn't take many pictures this week ...

The 6th grader is studying medieval times at school. 
Over the weekend we made a hennin (woman's hat) and a shield. 

 Kitten asleep IN my plant ... my poor, poor plant!

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