Saturday, October 3, 2015

WWI #114 - Deficit/Down

I have a bit of a vicious cycle. Friday, my official weigh-in day, is usually the lowest weigh-in of the week. I generally have "good" days Mon-Thursday as I benefit from the structure of schedule and routine. But the weekends ... I tend to blow it. With both exercise and eating. Monday mornings I'm usually up quite a bit from Friday morning, and then work to see if I can get it back down by the next official weigh-in. 

This past week was no exception. I was a little lower this Monday morning than I was the last, but then I didn't have a nice drop on Tuesday morning. I wasn't sure it was going to happen this week. I didn't give up though, I kept at it, and the drop showed up Thursday morning, and my official weigh-in is actually down  a pound from last week.  NUMBERS - Down 1.1, average down 1.26 (to 168.37).  I had a weekly deficit of 3460! It's been quite a while since I had decent deficit. That does coincide with the one pound scale shift.

Average intake was 2050 ... that's the closest I've gotten to goal (of 2000) in a while! I had an uber low day Wednesday, and good days the other weekdays, but a HORRIBLE day on Saturday. Those are hard to balance out. Average daily burn was 2989, which is a little more active then I've been of late. I've been getting up and at it early, getting in 30-40 minutes on the elliptical first thing, before taking the kids to school and hitting my daily Zumba. I would get in additional elliptical to add up to an hour (each weekday anyway), and I've been hitting the stationary bike for my riding&reading. I also jogged the track Tuesday evening, which is something I'll keep up for a few weeks while #5 has basketball practices. 

So it was a good week for eating and exercise. Not a great week for sleeping or sanity. It was a down week, depression and anxiety eating at me quite a bit. At least it did seem to impact my appetite some. I call it "the depression diet" and it doesn't always work well on suppression, it sometimes leads to comfort eating too. There were still plenty of treats, but on Wednesday, I actually didn't eat ANY sugar the entire day. Unheard of for me. 

Just gotta break that cycle and keep control during the weekends!
I have hope for this coming weekend. Check back next week.

*** Pictures from the Week ***

 Homecoming for #2 and his girlfriend

Bowling with the Boys ... I won!
I also ate some fried cheese sticks ...

 Kitten introducing herself to Mr. Fishy

#4 hit a new high (on Tuesday) on his Fitbit, 32K! 
He beat me that day, I was at 29K. 
The next day, he passed me up on our Fitbit Friends list too. 
That has been his goal!

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