Monday, May 23, 2016

A Re-Interest in Pintrest

I go through phases ... I guess we all do, right?  I can't remember when I first discovered Pinterest. I was late coming to the party, I was NOT one of the first. Those first few days were Pinterest heaven though. Spending SO much time on the computer pinning things, arranging boards, imagining all the great things I would make ...

Then ... maybe months went by when I never even logged on. I might occasionally pin something, just to have it for some future moment of need, or check a recipe I knew I had on hand, but not a lot of time spent on my boards.

Just recently, I've had a re-interest in Pinterest. I've started looking up, and even TRYING some recipes. Yes ... I've been baking, that is NOT good for the weekly weigh-ins! A couple months ago, when Hubs was recommitting to exercise and eating better (another phase which is on hold for him with several Meniere's attacks and pinched nerve pain he's dealing with now) HE actually joined Pinterest and started keeping track of some food and fitness topics. 

Just like in my other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) ... I have two Pinterest accounts. My original one, and then one set up for my JenB'sJourney, which focuses more on food/fitness (although I do share several boards with my main account). I think the only thing I've pinned lately are Zumba routines though. On my main account however, I've been pinning Birdhouses (I like birdhouses and have a little "birdhouse" garden), Ducks (as we have ducks!) and unfortunately a lot of desserts. I've actually tried out a few pins too!

I do plan on trying a few more of the recipes. I made chocolate chip cookies over the weekend (they were good), a simple chicken dish (just okay), churro waffles (the boys prefer Daddy's regular) ... I do like to "review" what I've tried. It's another board I have. Tried and Reviewed. I even have a "Pinterest" board, for all the funny Pinterest stuff.

 ... you can follow my JenB'sJourney or my family account  and I can follow you back, and see what you are up to. I do enjoy seeing what people are pinning, it gives me a little glimpse into what they are like, what interests them ... at least during a Pinterest phase. I also laugh a little at what Pinterest sends to ME thinking I might be interested in  ... 10 chocolate pins I might like? Seriously, I JUST got this email!

 I should probably go check out these recommendations ...

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