Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Miscellaneous Medical Mishmash for May

This blog is a bit of an online journal for me ... I like the labels and the links and the search function, so I can review past topics myself, regardless of if anyone else ends up reading them. A couple months ago I touched on some medical issues, and I have a couple other posts with "medical" as the label.  I almost wish there wasn't enough to talk about for a post this May ... but there has been stuff, and what can I say, the alliteration of the title was too much to waste.

Nothing major for me, but a couple of minor problems. I developed a rash under my arms. I know it's not really that visible in the picture above ... but it hurt! I figured that this was from sweat and friction from my frequent exercise. I would really try to change after each workout, but I often stop and shop on the way home from Zumba classes (while I'm already out and about) and then as I hit the elliptical several times a day ... shifting shirts doesn't always happen. I did a Google search of "underarm rash" and that did confirm that it was most likely moisture and rubbing related. It also made me VERY glad that's all I had, as there were some NASTY things out there! My little rash, I think I can handle this! Still, it was making movement a little miserable during dancing. One obvious solution would be to wear a tank top (no rubbing material, easier evaporation) but ... I just don't feel comfortable (mental, not physical). I did wear one a few times, on days I wasn't sure I could handle sleeves. 

I also invested in some Bodyglide, and then found a less expensive Gold Bond "Friction Defense" stick. So in addition to deodorant/antiperspirant under my arms, I'd apply a similar stick right there at the top of my underarm. Happily, it has helped. I'm no longer uncomfortable ... but I feel like there is a permanent "scar" if you will ... just a slight reddish shading that isn't fading. Oh well ... like I said, it's not like I wear tank tops anyway.

Back in March ... I mentioned having my IUD removed (after 10 years). While there was a bit of drama there (um ... we can't find it) it was ultimately taken out without trouble, and I had the Mirena inserted instead. On of the positive side-effects can be the reduction or elimination of monthly cycles. I'm thrilled to say that seems to be the case ... THRILLED! I really should have gone back in by now for a string check ... I'm bad at getting back in, it hasn't happened yet.

As May is coming to a close ... I'm struggling with a sore throat. While I guess it could be strep, it just doesn't feel like strep (no fever, fatigue, or mouth swelling like I usually get). I can actually SEE several sores on the rear roof of my mouth. It's so painful ... yet it's NOT keeping me from eating. It really seems like it should, right?

That's it for me ... but poor Hubs! We had several Meniere's attacks back in March. He has since gone to an ENT for for insight. He had an MRI, to rule out a brain tumor (it showed nothing, which is good I guess, unless it was a benign brain tumor that could have been removed and it would have solved the problems ... now we're back to just waiting for the next attack. It happened today BTW). It's miserable, but we've been part of a Meniere's support group on Facebook, and we can see just how much worse it can be! This makes us grateful that we've been able to deal ... but can make us nervous about the future too!

In addition to these dizzy/vertigo/nausea spells ... he also pinched a nerve in his neck. It's been causing him SO much pain. After suffering for several days, I encouraged him to hit Urgent Care (it was a weekend) and he got some muscle relaxers and a set of steroids. It seemed to help some (and steroids are also a course of treatment for the Meniere's issue as well! Double duty?) But just as Hubs was feeling better, he'd tweak it again. Some days he can hardly move, other days, he can work through it, but it's miserable. It's been a miserable May :(  He has an orthopedic appointment tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some help. 

Happily, no broken bones ... and #3's wrist hasn't had any problems. He played in a Spring basketball tournament shortly after he got the cast off. He played great, bouncing back from the break with no impact to his balling. I'd also mentioned a medical bill for #2 ... a basic physical that was coming in at over $200. I was able to work with insurance, and they were willing to work with me, and make a one time exception and pay the bill as if it had been in-network. Thanks Select Health! It does pay to make a call and ask ... and I'll be more careful in the future to make sure I am current on our policy and which doctors we can go to (even though it's SO confusing at times!). 

So there's our family medical recap of April and May ... I kindof hope that nothing much happens and I don't feel the need for another "medical" blog post for a while!

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  1. Boo to even having the need for a medical post! But yay that everything has been manageable without too many complications!!!


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