Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #146

Well I must admit, I was disappointed when I stepped on the scale this morning. Up again? I was SO determined to turn it around and I tried this week. I really tried! And it was a pretty good week ... or so I thought until I examined the numbers. Okay, maybe I didn't do that great after all (and I really blew it yesterday, the day before weigh-in). There were some improvements though ...

NUMBERS: Up .7 from last week, average was up too (.44 to 166.5). My average intake was 2207, which while still over what I'd like (under 2000) was my lowest in weeks, since February in fact. My average daily burn was 2879, which is my highest weekly average this year. So that's good. Crunching the numbers, I had a weekly deficit of -1663.  I haven't had a deficit in weeks (since the beginning on March).  My average steps were 22259. 40min weights, 789 active minutes, 59.08 miles. FOOD: I really tried to keep things in check this week, and other than yesterday (when I binged on a big box of milk duds and a few other items) I did pretty good. Stayed under the 2000 calorie goal three days. Still a lot of room for improvement on the eating. FITNESS: I had one 30k day this week, I did have a couple in April, but they have been few and far between. I was able to hit a daily calorie burn of 3000+ four days this week (per Fitbit). I got my hour of elliptical in six days this week, five Zumba classes, and I did do a session of weights. FAMILY: Mother's Day this past week. Hubs really struggling with a pinched nerve, a few basketball games ... been baking this week, which doesn't help with the eating at all!

Here's a quick look at the day to day ...
  • Friday (0506): Good day. I got in a Friday Zumba class, did my hour of elliptical, and did WEIGHTS! Kept eating in check ... even with making cookies!
  • Saturday (0507): Busy day, although we had the day off of basketball. I hit a few stores and went out to my folks. Mother's Day for my mom, I gave her a Roku box and PlayOnPlus subscription and spent a couple hours there teacher her how to use it all. Updated her iphone and organized apps too. Did fit in my hour of elliptical, and kept calories in check.
  • Sunday (0508): Mother's Day. I received breakfast in bed, and we got to talk to our missionary. Did go over a bit on calories (RedRobin dinner and made homemade Swig cookies), and only got in two 10min sessions on the elliptical. 
  • Monday (0509): Back at it! Up early, an hour of elliptical and got good stats at Zumba. Some shopping, blogging, and catching up on housework.  Stayed busy and kept calories in check. Late basketball game in the evening for #3.
  • Tuesday (0510): Another full day. An hour of elliptical, good Zumba class, and I mowed the lawn. Went to watch #5's basketball double header in the evening. Barely kept calories at goal.
  • Wednesday (0511): 30k day! Elliptical, Zumba and whenever I go shopping I get in extra steps (Sams/Walmart and putting groceries away). Planted some flowers, and went and watched #2 in a basketball game in the evening. A little over on calories ... should NOT have bought potato chips today!
  • Thursday (0512): Dragging a bit today. Hard to push through Zumba. Broke up my hour of elliptical into several small sessions. Worked on basketball video and did some blogging ... I tend to snack when sitting at the computer. WAY over on calories today ... and then I made cookies, and ate cookies :(  
*** Five Photos from the Week ***
Mother's Day ... a few of my favorite things.

... and a Skype call from our Mexico missionary.

... outdoor time with the ducklings (and #3)

...  made a batch on Sunday, and another batch last night.

My new shirt ... I first mentioned it in a previous blog post, and I DID end up ordering it. It just describes me so perfectly. In fact, here in the picture I'm donning my headphones and audiobook, as I do now when I go to the boy's basketball games. I'm not sure if that counts as re-entering society.

Check back next week ... hopefully I'll improve some of my stats, and shift the scale in the other direction.

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  1. First of all the ducklings and #3 pic is awesome! have already figured out the weak points for your previous week. You can shore those up and have a fabulous week ahead! But all that said...your week didn't look too bad!!!


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