Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #148

Well ... that loss from last week didn't last. There was definitely a change this week ... ducky distraction! I mean, we had our six little guys, and that had been taking up my time already. But Friday morning, Momma duck and THIRTEEN babies walked by my window! Seriously, I've had a LOT of ducky time this past week.

NUMBERS: Weight was up 2.5 pounds, completely cancelling out last week's loss. Average was down just a but though (to 167.43). Average Intake was 2536. Average Daily Burn was 2949. This equaled an overage of 1276 calories for the week. 22,650 was the weekly step average. 40minWeights, 736 active minutes, 53.62 miles. FOOD: Not a good eating week (shocker!). More time at the computer (window watching duckies) and that does lead to some snacking. Also a little emotional eating attempting to make some basketball decisions for the boys. Only able to keep calories under 2000 one day, and only three deficit days. FITNESS: Got my hour of elliptical in five days, Zumba four days, one session of weights. Four days over 3000 burn, one day over 30k. Here's a weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0520): This morning we had Momma duck show up with 13 babies in tow! I didn't get much done today, just watching babies all day! I did manage my hour of elliptical (having gotten in some earlier) and did weights.
  • Saturday (0521): There was a neighborhood 5k, but due to stormy weather the 12-year old and I wimped out, although the 15 year old still ran it. Just 40min elliptical today, WAY over on calories in.
  • Sunday (0522): Just 20min elliptical today. Hubs went into work, so we didn't do our usual big breakfast. Low key dinner too, but I still went over calories.
  • Monday (0523): Back to the routine ... got in my elliptical and zumba. Stopped at stores on the way home. Spent some time out with the duckies, and in the evening we went out to Maga's house to see her new kittens. I'd done good eating, but then we had chocolate malt there.
  • Tuesday (0524): Our church was having the floors refinished, so Zumba was at the backup location. I stopped at a couple stores on the way home. Spent a lot of time out with the duckies, digging up the garden (it registered on my ChargeHR). 
  • Wednesday (0525): Just my usual hour of elliptical and Zumba, but over 30k today. Stopped at Sam's and Walmart after (also a quick pickup at Sears). The duckies had wandered yesterday, and fallen down a neighbor's window well. We were able to rescue them and get them back home, but I spent a lot of time out back blocking all the little holes in the fence. Just trying to keep them safe! Went to the elementary for #5's 4th grade program. Hubs had a derby today (and yesterday and tomorrow) and he's really been struggling with his pinched nerve.
  • Thursday (0526): Early morning awakening (4:30) to a frantic momma duck ... it was a cat! Hubs and I ran outside to scare it off and round up the ducklings. One baby is hurt, limping now :( I still hit Zumba and got in my hour of elliptical, but much of the day was spent watching the duckies to make sure they were okay.

Momma and babies ...

 T-Shirt from the neighborhood 5k
(the 15 year old ran it)

 Here's the gadget gang after Tuesday Zumba.

 Wednesday Zumba with MZL

 A little picture proof that I don't ALWAYS wear black ... :)

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