Thursday, May 26, 2016

Closing Up Shop?

No, my blog isn't closing up shop. I am struggling with success on the weight-loss front but I plan on continuing posting my journey, such as it is. But when I heard Sports Authority was closing it's stores, I was surprised!  That's what I'll be talking about this Thrifty Thursday.

We have (had ... I'm already thinking past tense) a Sports Authority right close by. It was actually a Sports Chalet for several years prior,  before that company closed it last year. We were happy to hear that Sports Authority took over the building. It had only been open a few months!

I'm not a big Sports Authority shopper  ... nor Sports Chalet before that (I tend to stop at Big5, much to the scoffing and chagrin of Hubs). Everything just seems quite pricey at the specialty sports stores. Sports Authority is  known for their 20% off coupons ... but have you ever checked out the list of exclusions? EVERYTHING!  (I did a perturbed post about it on my family blog back in 2010  What a Racquet). Still, it was nice having it so close, just in case we needed something sports-y quickly. 

When the Sports Authority closing was first announced, and the sign went up, and the "Everything Must Go" emails went out ... I avoided the place like the plague. I LOVE deals, but crowds and chaos? Major anxiety triggers for me and not worth any savings. 

... when my Kmart was on the list of closing stores, I can't say I was surprised. Kmart has been closing select stores for almost a year now. When I discovered the FitStudio program back in Spring of 2014, I did start shopping at Kmart/Sears. I'd make a weekly shopping trip with my points, I started paying more attention to their surprise points and deals, and they would have a lot of great sales and savings. Over the last couple of years, a ton of our clothes, shoes, and other items came from Kmart. When the Fitstudio program folded (Farewell Fitstudio) a few months ago (Feb2016), my shopping trips slowed and almost stopped all together. So while I'm a bit bummed our Kmart is closing, it's not near the tragedy it would have been earlier, when the FitStudio program and my weekly shopping trips were in full swing.

I wasn't sure I'd dare stop in ... but I did. Here in the early days of the "Everything Must Go" I really wasn't very impressed. Kmart's usual sale prices were better than 20% the regular prices, which is what most things were. I had surprise points for $5 off a $20 purchase, so I did pick up a few things that were priced pretty good. I stopped again this last Monday (it's on my way home from Monday Zumba) and prices hadn't dropped any more yet (but I had another $5 off $20, and did find a few more things). Not sure how long until the store actually closes, and if prices will drop more ... I might stop again on another Monday, we'll see.

Another store closing it's doors is Hancock Fabrics. While I used to be quite the crafter and seamstress in days past ... I hadn't needed to go to a fabric store in forever. But then I had my recent re-interest in Pinterest in the past weeks and needed some ribbon to make my cute new hanging towels for my kitchen. So I actually DID hit them and grabbed some rolls of ribbon before they closed their doors.

 This cute basketball ribbon was one of my finds.
My 12-year-old actually commented that this is a cool kitchen towel :)

I always feel a little sad when a store closes it's doors. I wonder what happens to all the employees, and how the empty building affects shopping at the neighboring businesses. Of course, new and exciting companies often revamp the space ... we'll see what happens at these nearby locations.

With Sports Authority stores closing all over ... 
Did any of my fitness friends get any great deals?

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