Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Season Finales ~ Series Finales

Time for TV Tuesday! 
A Monthly Reflection on What We've Been Watching
Tis the season ... the season for season finales that is! As the school year wraps up, so does the majority of primetime television. I've been getting in my hour of elliptical most days, while I catch up on the television shows I've been following, my impetus for exercise on the elliptical ...

  • Grey's Anatomy: I still have to say Grey's Anatomy is still my favorite show. I like the drama, the relationships, the intense issues each episode. I was super sad last year, when Derek died, but didn't stop watching, as some fans said they would. As with a couple years ago, I really appreciated the background music. Covers of familiar songs ... it just really adds something for me. This was just a nice ending for the season :)
  • The Good Wife: This wasn't just a season finale, but a series finale. Did anyone else feel a little unsatisfied? Talk about an abrupt ending. Not a cliffhanger, but not a nice, happy, resolution either. I guess it was realistic. While I've enjoyed this series the past few years (I came in late, catching up on Amazon and then staying current) I'm fine with it ending too. Not emotionally attached anymore (unlike that moment when Will died ... ouch!)
  • Scandal: I've been wondering if I should just wait for this show to hit Netflix instead of catching it week to week. I think I could wait.  I'm not terribly attached, although it is one I do enjoy. This season was interesting with the comparisons to the current presidential politics (the former president's wife now running, a blustery, wealthy, businessman too). 
  • Nashville: I've heard this show just got the axe, that the season finale (haven't seen it yet) will be the series finale. While originally I loved this show, I have grown a little detached, so its ending is okay with me. I hope they wrap it up somehow.
  • The Voice: I never got into the show this season, but the 12-year old was a faithful watcher for a while. I'm not sure what happened to make him lose interest completely (NBA games at the same time?) It's the finale tonight ... but he says he doesn't care. I know American Idol had it's series finale this season too. I did watch it for several seasons there at the beginning ... but it had been a while for me since I'd paid it any attention.
I'd watched "How To Get Away With Murder" last season and really enjoyed it. I'd actually missed the initial airing and caught it when it hit Netflix and decided to continue watching as the new episodes aired, but this season? It got a little crazy and I stopped watching. I'm not sure if I'll even finish it. 

The Walking Dead finished up a while ago, and while I was a bit behind, I did manage to finish it up without any spoilers (Hubs is still a full season behind). There was another cross-over in characters there ... I must admit, I've always really liked Jeffery Dean Morgan and his various characters (Supernatural, Extant and this final season in "The Good Wife"). I'm NOT sure about this Walking Dead portrayal! 

... and as other shows are wrapping up, Game of Thrones starts up again. Hubs and I watch this together (upstairs, not while exercising) and are current. I've been a little frustrated with Game though ... there are just so many characters and separate storylines. It just moves so slowly! I did have to admit the whole "Hodor" thing got to me though! Hodor ...

As far as Movies in May ... Hubs took the boys to see the latest Captain America. I didn't go. I've just not been in a movie mood, and based on the previews, I  did NOT want to see this. I don't like conflict. I like both Captain America and Iron Man, I really didn't want to see a "civil war". I actually haven't even see "Age of Ultron" yet either, so ...  At home on DVD, #5 watched some of "McFarland USA" while at a friend's house, and wanted to see how it ended, so I grabbed it from the library. I didn't sit down and watch it, but just working in the kitchen while it was on, I think I saw most of it. It was a cute show. Hubs and I also had a DVD night (complete with his yummy popcorn) and rented "The Martian" from Redbox. While it was actually MY choice, I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. There was a lot of unexpected humor in it. 

The kids ... it's been every NBA game we can get (we do not have NBA TV anymore, so there are a couple that #4 hasn't been able to watch) and then streaming "Friends" for the millionth time (seriously, #3 was able to quote almost an entire episode). I almost miss the kid's interest in the cooking shows ... 

What are YOU watching?

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