Thursday, May 12, 2016

Basketballs, Big Bottles and Red Noses

It's  been a while since I've done a Thrifty Thursday post, 
After Zumba today, I figured I stop at Walgreens, as it's right on the way home (yes, I'm a sweaty mess, but if I don't go while I'm already out and about, I won't go). In the weekly ad, I noticed they had some basketballs for $10 each. My boys go though basketballs! I'd also received an email to add a coupon (7000 points/$7 earned on a $20 purchase), so it would be a pretty good deal. I was also thinking I'd pick up a Red Nose while at Walgreens. Have you heard of Red Nose Day? It's aimed at raising money and awareness for poverty stricken kids. It's coming up May26. I purchased a red nose (I actually grabbed three of them) and was given three Red Box vouchers as a thank you!

The Red Nose cost $1 (all proceeds going to kids in poverty) 
Redbox rental worth $1 ... 
That's a decent deal, right?

So sadly, I didn't get any basketballs, I couldn't see any on the shelf, although when I checked online at home, it said the store had some in stock. Unfortunately, the basketballs were in store only, but while online I found some other deals ... I ended up placing an order for $60 (good prices/free shipping) and then got $10 off for using Visa Checkout. I also got over 22,000 in points ($22+ on a future purchase). Deal!

While at the store, I found my big bottle jug again! 
I picked up mine at Big Lots a couple months ago. I've LOVED it. I love my water ice cold, and before, with whatever water bottle I was using, I'd either put too much ice, and then run out of drinkable water during Zumba class, or I wouldn't put enough ice in, and my water wouldn't be cold enough (I know, first world problems, right?) For $5.99, I figured I'd pick up a backup in blue. Good to have a backup, and I've offered my awesome water bottle to my boys as they go play basketball (and often run out of water, especially on double header games). They always turned me down though, not wanting to take my big PINK water bottle for some reason.

I've had a lot of people ask me about my water bottle, so now I can steer them to Walgreens as a possible option. It is on Amazon too, but for much more $$! I do get teased about it too ... saying I must get quite the arm workout carrying it into class. It's true ... but I love it, and love having the water around to drink when I get home too.  My son has teased me that my car thinks it is a small child ... also true, as when I place it on the passenger seat, it will set off the seat belt alarm.

So, I feel like I had a some successful savings (and spending) this Thrifty Thursday. 
Even if I didn't end up getting the basketballs ...

And while we're on the subject of Walgreens ... I did have over 20,000 points ($20) I could have used, but you can't spend and earn points on the same purchase. I guess I could have used my points to cover my in-store purchase, but if you let your points pile up, they do earn a bit more in credit (I like to hit the high of $50). I have my Fitbit tracker attached to my Walgreens Balance Rewards account, so I'm earning about $2 a month with that (and it accumulates). Then I add some points with purchases ... Hubs stopped at the store a bit ago to fill a couple prescriptions and didn't give them our account #. Silly husband! We could have received 200 points with his filled medications. While I was online today, I grabbed the receipt and entered the information and walla ...

Now back to the beginning of this blog post ... Red Nose Day
Have you heard of it before? I think the whole red nose approach is a cute and clever way to get people involved in the cause. I'll be watching the media to see if it pops up on my newsfeeds. I do have to say, as I was posing for my picture ... it was REALLY hard to breathe with that thing on! *Ü*

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