Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #153

Well, a bit of a drop this week, but I've just been sticking here in the 160s with my ups and downs. NUMBERS: Down (-2.1 pounds), average down (-.89 to 167.44). Average intake was 2300. Average daily burn 2873 ... there was a weekly deficit of -2124.   Step average for the week was 23099. 70min of weights, 966 cardio minutes, 80.59 exercise miles.  FOOD: Only one day under 2000, and that day I just didn't seem very hungry. Other days, homemade fried chicken tenders, and dominos pizza were higher calorie dinners, and as always, the "empty calorie" category overflowed. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical six days. Eight hours of Zumba (4 classes, 4 on my own), two sessions on the bike, and I was able to hit the weights twice this past week. Three days with 3000+ burn, two days over 30k. 

Here's a quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0624): Hit a Zumba class with Nicole, and got in my hour of elliptical. Also did weights! I was on basketball practice dropoff duty, and the teens got home from their basketball camp. 
  • Saturday (0625): Hour of elliptical and lawn mow ... also desk duty paying bills, blog updates.
  • Sunday (0626): Rest day, although I did still do one 20min session on the elliptical.
  • Monday (0627): Zumba with Southziders, and an hour on my own. Hour of elliptical as well. Had #5's friend over for a playdate, and Hubs and #2 bought a new car.
  • Tuesday (0628): Zumba, me leading Marian's class. We had to do it in the parking lot as they were cleaning the church. With the church closed, I didn't get in my extra hour, but did do weights and my hour of elliptical at home. 
  • Wednesday (0629): Huge step day! Hit Zumba with MZL, then did grocery shopping. Got in my extra hour of Zumba and my hour of elliptical. Still had energy at the end of the day, so I did a session on the bike as well. This was my low calorie intake day too!
  • Thursday (0630): Zumba with MountainView, then an hour on my own, and my hour of elliptical. Also hit the bike again.

*** Five Photos From the Week *** 

While #2 was gone last week, I went ahead and cleaned up his room, as it's one I'm constantly walking past. It was nice while it lasted ...  he's back! 

#2 and his "new" (to him) car ... too nice for a 17-year old, right?

 Watching my resting heart rate drop recently ...

 Our outdoor Zumba on Tuesday (church closed for cleaning).

 #3 ... with an East window in his room, it gets H.O.T. in the morning as the sun streams in! We had a portable A/C not currently in use, so we pulled it up. He had to re-arrange the room completely, but now it's nice and cool and he's jumping for joy! Silly boy!

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