Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #155

Stayed pretty steady this week ... a little bump up with the weekend, which had increased food and decreased fitness. Sat/Sun anyway, I actually was very active Friday, but ate a lot too. NUMBERS: Weight only changed .1 for the official weigh-in, but the average was up .78 (168.49).  Intake average for the week was 2514, burn average was 2991. Did have a deficit, though small (-728). Step average was 25498. 80min weights, 1069 cardio minutes, 80.65 exercise miles.  FOOD: Swig cookies! Can't stop eating them! Only one day where I was able to keep calories at goal (2000 or under).  FITNESS: Only hit my hour of elliptical four days this week. Eight hours of Zumba. Two sessions on the bike and quite a few extra walks this week! Hit weights twice. FAMILY: Had a party with my side on Sunday. Two trips to the lake with the waverunners.  Here's a quick daily recap ...

  • Friday (0708): Pretty fab fitness for a Friday! Got in my hour of elliptical, bike, WEIGHTS, and in addition to a Zumba class in the morning, I hit a Zumbathon in the evening for an hour. Unfortunately eating was also uber high.
  • Saturday (0709): Started the day with a Zumba class. Hubs and the boys took the waverunners to the beach ... I'm just not a beach gal. I'll try to hit it once his summer, but wasn't feeling it today. Only 30min of elliptical. Feeling yesterday's weight workout today. Did mow the lawn. Too much snacking though, high calories.
  • Sunday (0710): No official exercise, but kept busy prepping the house for family coming over in the early evening. Little nieces enjoyed the duckies, but were more enamored of the kitties!
  • Monday (0711): Good fitness day ... okay for food. Got in Zumba with Southziders, and another hour on my own (with the boys and friends enjoying the gym too). Hour of elliptical, plus a session on the bike. A walk to the canal too, as two duckies flew the coop ...
  • Tuesday (0712):  Hour of elliptical, Zumba class, then an hour on my own. Also did a wimpy weights session (just 20min). Dominos dinner. Hubs and the older boys hit the lake (as #2 hadn't been able to on Saturday).
  • Wednesday (0713): Full house at MZL Zumba today! Some shopping steps after, then a quick walk at the canal, as I saw a black duckie there. It was Antonia! Only 40min elliptical today, I was just dragging, especially into the evening. Made chicken pillows for dinner.
  • Thursday (0714): Two more duckies down ... funny how they leave in pairs. Three long walks to the canal today (but happy to find Antonia and Uno together). I was in charge at Mountain View Zumba today, so I got good stats. Hour of elliptical as well. 
*** Five Photos From the Week ***

 Swig Cookies ... they call my name (and I answer!)

Lake time ... Saturday AND Tuesday!

Introducing the ducks to the little cousins on Sunday. 
Glad they stuck around for the party ... four flew off this week!

My daily thoughts calendar.
Just WHAT are you insinuating about my kitties Mr Keillor??

 #3 had checked out prices and talked his brothers (and mom) into contributing to the purchase of a Wii U (which we had been discussing for a while). We found a used one on Ebay and pulled the trigger. It was delivered in error to someone to the South of us ... happily they were honest individuals, and even took the time to bring it to the correct addresses (what up USPS??) There has been much laughter and screaming from the basement this week. Quite the week for video games (as I posted about Pokemon Go a bit earlier).

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  1. Your holding steady!!! That's an awesome thing!!!! And those cookies look divine!!!!


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