Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - MCR

Do you participate in the My Coke Rewards program? I know ... Coke (soda) isn't nutritious so all you healthy people out there don't have any in your homes, right? To tell the truth... I have NEVER had a Coke (or Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew) myself. No, it's not any anti-caffeine thing or  anti-soda thing (I have had rootbeer, Sprite and Fresca).  I'm just really picky and I don't think I'd like the taste, and I don't want to drink my calories (Liquid Calories). 

Hubs and the boys though ... between their likes (Coke, Dasani, Powerade, etc) we do have quite a few Coke products purchased. On the packages, there are numbers/letters that can be input for points. These points can then compile and and be redeemed for rewards. My Coke Rewards

Now admittedly ... it's pretty slow going. A Powerade cap gets you a whopping 3 points. Same for a 2-liter bottle of soda. A 12-pack of soda cans will earn 10 points. You can get a little more for a 24-pack of water. 

Honestly, at first, I didn't think it would be worth it. Reading and inputting those numbers can be a pain. Recently, Coke made it so you can link your phone, and then text in the numbers. Now that is NOT easier for me and my fingers ... but it's a snap for the kids. I linked the family cell phone to our account and told the kids if they finish off a Powerade, they need to text in the number from the cap. If I have additional numbers from other packages, I'll toss them (and the phone) to the kids and they'll get it done. They think it's rather fun.

You can just keep piling up your points until you have enough to actually DO something with them. A word of warning, if you just let the account sit with no activity (no new codes entered) it will zero out after a time (Coke will send you a reminder email to take action so you don't lose your points). I always seemed to have some caps/cardboard stashed (awaiting redemption but hadn't gotten around to it. Just enter one and you're reset for quite a while). 

Right now, I've told the kids we're working toward a Nike giftcard. It takes 710 points to get it (and it's just $10), but I remember once when there were some sales/specials on rewards and I got a $25 Nike giftcard with my points on hand. 

So just throwing it out there ... if you are consuming coke products, you may want to go ahead and enter those little numbers and pile up some points and see what you can get ... eventually! Or, you can be a good Samaritan and use your points for donations (also available there on MCR). 

Hubs was pretty diet coke crazy for a long time there. Unfortunately, with his Meniere's attacks coming on so strong, one recommendation is to give up/cut back on caffeine. He's also seemed to notice a correlation between diet drinks and his well-being. So ... I won't be buying any more  Diet Coke in the near future.

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