Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #154

Well, the week started off awful, with uber-eating Fri/Sat/Sun ... it was the July 4th holiday weekend. Monday was the actual holiday, but I did okay that day and had a decent drop in weight ... I was pretty good for the rest of the week and hoped to hold that little little loss (not to where I had been on Friday, but enough to give me hope I could get there againe), but there wereslight scale shifts UPwards, even with oodles of activity ...

NUMBERS: Official weight up 1.5 pounds. Average weight up just a bit, .27, to 167.71. Average intake was 2557, average daily burn 3024 ... I did have a deficit  (-1156). Average step count was 25087. 80minWeights, 1067 cardio minutes, 86.47 exercise miles. FOOD: Over 3000 calorie days over the weekend, ouch! Only one day keeping calories under 2000. FITNESS: Four days with a 3000+ burn, all four days also over 30k in steps. I got in my hour of elliptical five days. 10 hours of Zumba, two sessions on the bike, one on the treadmill, and two sessions with weights.  FAMILY: 

  • Friday (0701): Hour of elliptical and Zumba with MZL. Some eating out in addition to the usual empty calories pushed intake way over.
  • Saturday (0702): Got up early to hit HeatherH's 8:00 Zumba class and was feeling energy after, so I did the weight workout I didn't do Friday.  Only 20min on the elliptical. Craving and caving to sugary sweets, and Hubs made ribs in the evening for dinner.
  • Sunday (0703): Had our usual Sunday Circles breakfast, and a trip to Rodizio for dinner ... plus I made homemade oreos for dessert. Uber over on calories. 40min on the elliptical the only exercise.
  • Monday (0704): Holiday! I hit an 8:00 Zumba class with HeatherB. #4 surprised me by saying he wanted to hit the church gym, so we did that.  I still got my hour of elliptical, and a session on the bike as well. Family party in the early evening.
  • Tuesday (0705): Zumba at the church (parking lot under construction today), and then I stayed after with a friend and did an extra hour practice. At home, got in my hour of elliptical, bike and weights. Computer troubles, and Hubs had a Menerie's attack :(
  • Wednesday (0706): Slightly slower day today ... went out to Draper for Zumba, as I didn't get my fix on Monday. Stopped at Walmart on the way home. Got in my extra hour of Zumba and hour of elliptical.
  • Thursday (0707): Early (8:00) Zumba class, trying a new one as my usual was taking the week off. Also got in my hour of elliptical, extra hour of Zumba, and did some treadmill time! In the evening, Hubs took the two littles to a summer NBA game, and I did some serious housecleaning.

*** Five Photos From the Week***

 Family Dinner at Rodizio

Aunt Ana with an armful of kittens at the family party.

Two hour Tuesday ... (the second hour was low-key practice/review).

 Me and T

On the elliptical ... in my pink fuzzy slippers!

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