Saturday, July 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #157

Up again ... into the 170s. While I've popped up into the 170s during the week here and there, this is the first time the scale recorded it for my official Friday weigh-in since ... hmmm, I just realized I haven't updated my WeeklyWeigh-Ins at a Glance in a WHILE. Okay, now I've updated it, so ... since Sep.18 2015. I bumped up then too, but had been staying pretty consistently in the 160s for many months now. Not that I even want to be in the 160s ... but the last time I saw the 150s at all was over a year ago (June2015). 

Anyway ... NUMBERS for this week: Up 1.7, average up .5 (169.84). Intake averaged at 2564, daily burn averaged at 2856. No deficit this week, over by 911 (it's a call for help!). 30min spent with weights, 880 active minutes, 65.77 exercise miles. FOOD: Mint brownies ... I should never have made them! I ran out ... but made more. Candy was calling too! Didn't keep calories under 2000 once this week :(  FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical six days, five Zumba classes, one session on the bike, and one time with weights. Burn was over 3000 three days, but I never quite hit 30k on steps this week. FAMILY&FRIENDS: Anniversary for Hubs and me *Ü*  #2 was gone on trek, more dental visits for #3.  My SIL was injured in a freak rappelling accident! A bunch of Zumba instructor friends headed off to ZinCon, and it was fun to follow their activities vicariously. Here's my quick daily recap ...
  • Friday (0722): My anniversary today (24years). Hubs and I did do dinner out. During the day I hit Zumba with Debbie, my hour of elliptical, and a walk to the canal.
  • Saturday (0723): Hubs and I had a long walk at the canal this morning, the duckies were happy to see him (he had worms). I also got in my hour of elliptical and mowed the lawn. Aunt Olivia came over to give the boys haircuts in the evening.
  • Sunday (0724): I got in a couple walks to the canal, and 30min on the elliptical. Hubs took the three boys to the lake. Brisket ... for breakfast (reheated for dinner).
  • Monday (0725): Zumba with Debbie, my hour of elliptical, bike and a couple canal walks for activity today. We did our Sunday Circles we didn't do yesterday, and smoked scallops for dinner (I didn't eat those, but still got in plenty of calories as always). 
  • Tuesday (0726): Early morning, getting #2 off to trek. Nice to walk the canal before the sun came up, much cooler! I lead almost all of Zumba class today, got in my hour of elliptical and did weights. A little kid carpool during the afternoon, then Aunt Olivia came over to do my hair in the evening ... it took a long time.
  • Wednesday (0727): Zumba with MZL and my hour of elliptical. Also some shopping steps, a couple canal walks and mowed the front lawn. Endodontist with #3. Spaghetti dinner.
  • Thursday (0728): Early Zumba class, my hour of elliptical during the day, and a couple canal walks. Another sit in the dental waiting room (done for now though). Dominos dinner, with a stop at the library (picking up "The Last Resort" DVD to watch). Had some electrical issues earlier in the day, but got them figured out (easy fixes).
 *** Five Featured Photos ***

Market Street Grill ... Anniversary #24

I posted about how Kitten loves #3 (she's always laying on his legs)
 ... and #2 responded with

We missed this Mr. while he was gone pioneer trekking!
I drove his Charger while he was gone ;)

 My SIL came over to blondify me ... 

No after yet ... I'm still trying to get used to it!

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