Saturday, July 23, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #156

Ouch! Up this week. Bordering on the 170s, and I SO don't want to go there! It wasn't a great week, but it wasn't bad either ... in fact crunching the numbers, I actually had a (small) deficit for the week! So WHY the gain of almost two pounds? Well, I realize that my numbers are only estimates. Even with calories listed on containers, it's still easy to be off ... especially if you aren't good about measuring portions, which admittedly, I'm not.  Then calories burned ... another crapshoot on estimates. While I've got my gadgets, it's still a bit of a guessing game, isn't it? 

But still ... I collect and compare my NUMBERS: Up 1.8 pounds this week. Average was up too, (.85 to 169.34). Average intake was 2443. Average daily burn was 2890. Ended up with a deficit for the week (-815). Average steps - 23579. 30minWeights, 1022 cardio minutes, 79.68 exercise miles. FOOD: Mint brownies have been a cause of calories this week, in addition to my regular indulgences. Managed to stay under 2000 two days this week. FITNESS: Hit my hour of elliptical all seven days this week. Zumba ... I went to five classes, but didn't do any on my own. Two sessions on the bike, and I squeezed in a weights workout. Numerous walks to the canal! FAMILY: Gathering with extended family for a cousin's birthday, a couple visits to the dentist, a minor Meniere's moment.  Here's a quick look at the day to day ...
  • Friday (0715): Didn't have a Zumba class on deck, so a neighbor and I just did it ourselves at the church (let #4 play basketball). Got in my hour of elliptical, a session on the bike, and a couple walks to the canal to see my duckies. Food fairly high, but still under burn.
  • Saturday (0716): Up early for #5's 8:00 basketball game. Got in my hour of elliptical, walk to the canal, and mowed the lawn. Calories in were high, about the same as yesterday, but lower burn today, so I was over.
  • Sunday (0717): I often have a rest day on Sunday, but I got in an hour of elliptical today, and a walk to the canal. HIGH calories in, although I didn't feel overly full or anything.
  • Monday (0718): Zumba, hour of elliptical and a long canal walk (the duckies were down further). Family birthday party in the evening. Food was high, but under burn.
  • Tuesday (0719): Hour of elliptical, Zumba and walk to the canal. Took the two littles to the dentist, but it was a quick trip (no cavities!). Hubs feeling a bit off in the evening.
  • Wednesday (0720): Hour of elliptical, Zumba, walk to the canal and mowed the front lawn. #3 to the dentist today, for a NOT short visit (2 hours!) and he needs a root canal :(  Did keep calories in check ... I think. Wondering if I forgot something as I wasn't feeling deprived.
  • Thursday (0721): Hour of elliptical, Zumba, a session on the bike, 30min of WEIGHTS and three walks to the canal to see the duckies (they were close, thus the multiple trips). Kept calories in check today, but very aware of the fact!
*** Five Featured Fotos ***

 All my ducks abandoned our backyard. Four of the six have found each other at the canal and I walked to see them every day! (Duck Daze and Walking the Canal). I miss seeing them out my window, but I'm glad I can still visit and check in on them (for now). 

#2 making waffles ... or Sunday Circles as we call then (Belgian waffles, round waffle iron). It's hard to keep calories in check with such a big breakfast, but it sure is yummy!

 At the family party on Monday night, a couple cousins had Fitbits ... so I made them be my Fitbit friend. The picture is actually Bonnie and Candi, it would work for both (Bonnie needs to update her profile picture!) 

Zumba - I could walk on Tuesdays, but I like there to be a car, so people coming can see that someone IS there. Also been reverting to a brain, as my pony hair has been sticking to the sweat on my face!

Caught a Pokemon AND a good workout at Zumba on Thursday ... the stuffed critter is part of a church activity one of the girls is doing (like Flat Stanely the kids to in elementary, see where he ends up, He ended up at Zumba today!).

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