Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #163

This week was a little challenging, as we had family activities (featuring food) and then Labor Day, which muffed up my usual Motivated Monday. The end of the week was good. If I could just do that everyday, maybe the scale would shift?  NUMBERS: Weight up a titch (.2) with average up a titch more (.57 to 171.5). Supposedly had a small deficit for the week (-1390) with average intake coming in at 2359, average burn at 3012. Step average was 24541. 65minutes spent with weights, 931 cardio minutes and 87.06 exercise miles. FOOD: One uber bad day over 3000, but kept three under 2000. Candy corn came out ... it's a temptation! FITNESS: Got in my hour+ of elliptical  five days this week (did it Saturday, but missed Monday), four Zumba classes (again, missed Monday), three sessions on the bike, two treadmill, and two weight workouts. Three days over 3000burn/30k steps. FAMILY: Belated birthday dinner (#4 and #3) on Friday, Smores Saturday, extended family gatherings Sunday and Monday. Busy with basketball and did a derby.

Here's a quick daily breakdown ...

  • Friday (0902): Intake 3200, Burn 2721. Not a good day. Even with late start, I'd hoped to get up early. Didn't happen. Dragged all day and had to push for all my exercise (60minElliptical, Zumba). Should have banked calories knowing we were going out to eat (birthday dinner at Red Robin) but I didn't. Uber over.
  • Saturday (0903): Intake 2300, Burn 2907. Not bad for a Saturday. Got in my elliptical, bike and the weights I didn't do yesterday. Had a family bonfire in the backyard.
  • Sunday (0904): Intake 2700. Burn 1926. Rest day, no exercise. Eating went over with our usual family breakfast, and then an extended family gathering in the evening.
  • Monday (0905): Intake 2600. Burn 2782. Labor Day. My Zumba classes were taking the holiday off, so no Zumba for me. Under my hour on the elliptical today (just 40min) but did hit the bike too. Extended family over for Hub's smoked ribs, and a birthday cake celebration.
  • Tuesday (0906): Intake 1800. Burn 3385. Good Day. Kept eating under control and upped the exercise. 80minElliptical, Zumba and a session on the bike. Weights too. Should have walked/jogged during #5's basketball practice but ... I was tired by evening!
  • Wednesday (0907): Intake 1960. Burn 3683. Another good day. Kept food in check. For fitness ... 90minElliptical, Zumba, 2.5milesIntervals. Also got in some shopping steps and mowed the lawn. Home alone in the evening as Hubs and the littles did a derby and the older boys had basketball.
  • Thursday (0908): Intake 1950. Burn 3681. Third good day! 80minElliptical, Zumba and treadmill again (3miles). Kept calories in check.

Five Featured Photos ...

 After a long time sitting in boxes ... Nerf guns made a comeback at our house.
Crazy kids! They even shot their mommy! And the kitties!

My missionary in Mexico remembered his brother's birthdays.
it was HIS birthday this week (and he got his package I shipped).

This kid (#4) came on errands with me, hoping to get some Pokemon-Go in.
He caught a Raichu and was pretty happy about that!

 Got ribs? Got rib remnants? Falling off the bone!

The three birthday boys. Big head stand in for my missionary :)

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