Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TV Tuesday & Time Travel


Time travel ... it can be a bit mind boggling! 
Changing an event ... how does that impact the future?
I've watched three different time travel shows recently. 

  • 11.22.63: When the time travel topic is an actual event in history, there is some spoilage going in. Our protagonist starts in the present day, then goes back in time (to 1963) to thwart the assassination of JFK. As a viewer going in, I'm thinking "He can't possibly succeed ... because it still happened, right?" I do like getting a little history lesson (at least some basic facts) while I watch. See what I remember from school. This was a Hulu original and has received quite a bit of buzz. It had some big names in it. But me? Ehhh. Hubs and I started watching together and neither of us were that into it. He gave up on it, and I at least wanted to see it through, I mean there were only eight episodes. I pushed through, just to finish and get a sense of closure. 
  • Continuum:  This four-season series is streamable on Netflix. This was sci-fi, starting in a distant future (2077) and having several characters travel back in time to our present day, attempting to alter/improve the world they knew (where a corporation had taken over in ways they didn't like). I watched the first couple seasons a while back, then the final two (season four is only six episodes, wrapping up the series) after they were added to Netflix. I enjoyed it, and the action kept up my adrenaline as I ellipticalled away while I watched.
  • 12 Monkeys: I never saw the movie, but heard about the series and figured I'd give it a try. It never showed up on Netflix or Amazon. It was on Hulu, but I elected to grab the DVD from the library (Hulu seems to stutter and pause for us). Like Continuum, this showcases a post -apocalyptic future (2043), with someone sent back to the present day to attempt to change things (stop a virus that wiped out the world). I really thought I'd like this more than I did. It was very jumpy, going from the future to now(ish) to different times. It was another that I had to push to finish (there is a second season, I'm not sure if I'm interested, and I don't have an easy way to watch if I was. Season two was only on Hulu right after it aired, it's gone now). 
I've seen a couple "time" shows featured for Fall 2016 ... 

 I did see the movie "Frequency" and loved it! 
Not technically time travel ... but changing the past/changing the future(present). 
Looks mind boggling!

I'll keep this on my "check into" list ... probably give it a try once a full season is done, 
reviews are in, and I can stream it or grab a DVD. 

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