Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #164

I think this is the highest week I've had since I originally lost the weight over 11 years ago :( It's just been a slow/steady gain in Spring and Summer. I've looked back on my records and I do seem to have a "spring/summer" weight gain pattern. Feb (my last low, even though it wasn't that low, 160) was right when I had my Mirena IUD inserted. Could there be any correlation (many have reported weight gain as a side effect)? Or is it just my eating that needs improving (well duh, that's a given, regardless even of weight loss, just for health ... I know. Just can't seem to do it).

NUMBERS: Up .9, average up .97 (172.47). No deficit this week, over by 646. Average calories in 2536. Average daily burn 3001. Step average for the week was 21705. 70min of weights, 816 cardio minutes, 64.92 exercise miles. FOOD: Candy corn and salted caramels were quite the temptation this week. Didn't stay under 2000 any day (but also didn't have a 3000+ day, so there's that). FITNESS: Hit six Zumba classes, only five days with an hour of elliptical. Just once each on the bike and treadmill (okay, there was a second treadmill, but just a wimpy walk, not sure if I count it), but I did get in my two weight workouts for the week. Brought burn over 3000 four days, but didn't quite hit 30k on any day. FAMILY: Watching "Stranger Things" with Hubs had me more stationary than in past weeks (trying to catch an episode a night, three on Monday evening). An orthodontist appointment for #3, basketball games for three of the boys. Some time spent on blog updates and highlight reels.

 Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (0909): Intake 2800. Burn 3067. Attempted going straight to Zumba after late-start (middle school) carpool and still got in 50min of class (they were quite late starting). Got in my hour of elliptical and weights. Lots of chauffeuring boys around today. 
  • Saturday (0910): Intake 2400. Burn 2655. Hit a new, free Saturday Zumba class. 8:15 is a bit early, but I can sleep in tomorrow. But only got in one 20min on the elliptical. Basketball game for #5, then the BYU/U football game in the evening (we're not big followers, but had it on). 
  • Sunday (0911): Intake 2700. Burn 2156. Hubs and the boys hit the lake. No official exercise, but I did get some steps in mowing the lawn (didn't fit it in yesterday) and some shopping.
  • Monday (0912): Intake 2200. Burn 3203. Good activity day with Zumba, hour of elliptical and 2.5miles on the treadmill.  Dominos dinner and "Stranger Things" binge watch with hubby.
  • Tuesday (0913): Intake 2300. Burn 3400. Great activity day with Zumba, 80min elliptical, bike and weights. I never stopped moving today. An ortho appointment and basketball practice for the boys (chauffeuring on my part). 
  • Wednesday (0914): Intake 2800. Burn 2959. Dragging day! Not sure if it's soreness from weights yesterday (although I'm not feeling it near as much as I did Friday's weight workout) or what. Had to push through Zumba and my hour of elliptical. Overate too.
  • Thursday (0915): Intake 2550. Burn 3021. Still dragging. Just Zumba and hour of elliptical again today. The evening was spent cheering on the boys in basketball games.
 Five Featured Photos (and Videos this week) ...

Start of the Fall season with #5 (he IS #5, shortest on the team, 5th grade playing up with the 6th graders). He's on two teams, three leagues for Fall. Saturdays will be busy with three games most weeks. 
 My Mexico missionary in a mustache. 

Here's how my son and his friends asked their dates to Homecoming.
Music Videos! My boy's "song" is at 4:00 (Akon)

Here's that same son (#3 here) playing basketball ... double OT for the win!

... and son #3 in his game (they won as well!)
He's #31 here. I was a little late coming in (game had started, it was 7-6)
because of the overtime game from #2.
Same building, back to back games, different gyms.


  1. How old is your youngest now? Is this your oldest son's last year of high school? How many calories do you consume on non-exercise days?

    1. My baby is 11, in 5th grade. My oldest is in Mexico on a mission, but #2 (oldest at home) is a senior in high school this year.

      As for calories, I don't do well keeping it at a set point any day. Almost always over 2000, even on non-workout days. Sundays are my rest day, but that's often a big family eating day. Arrrggg, my eating!


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