Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nike, Namebrands ... and Laundry

My boys NEED Nike. Occasionally Under Armor will do, but Nike is the brand of choice. From their basketball shoes, to socks, to t-shirts. Even underwear (compression shorts). NIKE. 

Me? I don't care about name brands at all. True, I have a Nike hat. I'd picked up a cheap K-mart cap ($3) but it was cotton. The Nike hat uses dri-fit and that makes a difference. I'll admit, I don't mind the cute swoosh. 

I can't quite commit to spending a lot on shirts though, even for fancy fabric. I know cotton t-shirts aren't the best for working out (friction rash) but at $3 each, versus $10-$20 ... when I go through several a day (as I tend to get in several workouts a day) ... I make do with the cheap cotton.

When I was at the thrift store, I saw a Nike top ... it was my magic price ($3) so I picked it up. I honestly can't tell that much (if any) difference when I wear it. But it's got that swoosh.

I have a problem though.

Because I'm not used to having Nike myself, when I do the wash and fold the laundry ... I sometimes mistakenly put the shirt in Hubby's pile. The first time, he pulled it out and said "this isn't mine" and I realized my error (he didn't think it was mine either, assumed it belonged to one of the boys). The next time, he just placed hung it on the towel rod by my sink. I wonder how long it will take me to remember that I actually own one piece of Nike workout wear coming through the wash?

But you know, things sometimes get mixed up in the wash. I have all the boys keep their own individual dirty clothes hamper, and I wash each of their loads separately. It's just too hard to try and remember which clothes go with which kid if they are mixed up. 

I still wash Hubs and my clothes together ... other than the ol Nike shirt in question, it's pretty easy to keep our stuff separate. Okay, occasionally one of my socks gets tossed into his sock pile, and even more rare, my underwear ends up mixed in with his briefs... I'm trying to work quickly, sometimes they are tangled together. It happens.

What does Hubby do when that happens?
HE PUTS THEM ON (my underwear).

"Oh, are these mine now? I assumed because you put them in my pile that you wanted me to wear them. No?"

It's painful. It hurts my eyes. I really try not to laugh, because that only encourages him.  

At least I don't have pictures (believe me, it's seared in my memory).

That's it for this episode of "What I'm Wearing Wednesday".

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