Friday, September 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #166

Weird Week. While it wasn't awful, it wasn't particularly good either, yet ... hello 160s. Just barely, but it's nice to see again. Never thought I'd say the 160s were good to get to, but then I never planned on moving up to the 170s again dang it! The weekend was BAD, and I expected a big bump up by Monday. But it didn't happen. Great Monday, reflected in a scale shift. Unexplained up again after Tuesday, but then a slight shift for weigh-in, even with a horrible high the night before. 

NUMBERS: Official weigh in was down. -2.5 pounds! What? Okay/Yea. Average weight went down slightly (-.24 to 171.93). Other numbers really weren't good. Average in 2521. Average burn 2810. I was actually over this week (+125), although not by much. Step average was 21249. 35min of weights, 806 cardio minutes, 86.62 exercise miles. FOOD: A couple bad (over 3000) days, only one day under 2000. My homemade breadsticks, scones and cinnamon rolls happened on high days. FITNESS: Five days with an hour (or more, I've been hitting 80min regularly) of elliptical, Zumba just four days this week, three days for a bike session, one time on the treadmill, and just one weights session. FAMILY: Kids out of school a couple days for PT Conferences. No basketball games during the week, but plenty of practices. Daddy had a derby.

Quick week recap:
  • Friday (0923): Calories in 3200. Daily Burn 2712. Bad day. Up early and dragging. #4 out of school, but I still skipped Zumba. Got in my 80minElliptical. Didn't feel motivated enough for weights. Made soup and breadsticks.
  • Saturday (0924): Calories in 2700. Daily Burn 2446. Basketball day (three games) but I managed two 20min sessions on the elliptical. 
  • Sunday (0925): Calories in 2400. Daily Burn 2391. Rest day. No Exercise. I did get in a nap. Big family breakfast in the morning, and splurge on Hubby's popcorn in the evening.
  • Monday (0926): Calories in 1650. Daily Burn 3380. Zumba with Southziders, 80minElliptical, bike and mowed the lawn. Good day for fitness, and also for food. Kept calories in check!
  • Tuesday (0927): Calories in 2400. Daily Burn 3206. Zumba with Marian, 80minElliptical and I did weights. Should have gotten a bit more in. Soup and breadsticks again, and basketball practice and some shopping.
  • Wednesday (0928): Calories in 2200. Daily Burn 3263. Zumba with MZL, 80minElliptical, two miles on the treadmill, and a session on the bike. Felt like a good day, although I couldn't quite keep calories under 2000 goal.
  • Thursday (0929): Calories in 3100. Daily Burn 3071. Zumba with MountainView, 80minElliptical and a session on the bike. Not a good day though, dragging and I couldn't stop eating! Uber over.

Normally I feature five photos ... but I didn't take enough this week!

I did have to stop my own stretching cool down to snap a picture of this cuteness at Zumba!

 ... and in the middle of all the horrid political posts (seriously, I can hardly stand to scroll Facebook right now, it's all so ugly and discouraging) I found this sign. No, I'm not a big Batman fan, but my Hubby's name is Grayson Wayne. I guess HIS parents were. I found it funny *Ü*

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