Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Confident Choreography Clash

As I attend different Zumba classes ... at times I'll come across clashing choreography. Zumba puts out a couple different official versions, and then people come up with their own steps, or tweak moves. Sometimes my brain really battles the changes if I've gotten used to a particular presentation!

Here's a look a two different routines for Demi Lovato's song Confident ...

I was first introduced to this song last summer. Melanie was subbing for Marian at Mountain View and she brought in a lot of new material. Fun songs and steps. I really enjoyed this number.

(they mention a Melanie in the into ... not my instructor Melanie)

I remember the first time the song came on in a different Zumba class (MZL) ... my brain registered that this was one I knew. But then I didn't! Totally different choreography! The moves here were pretty simple and straight-forward though, so I was able to adapt pretty easily.


Melanie has gone on to start teaching her own classes. They are a little further away, and I'm a little stuck in my rut of my own routine, so other than the times she pops back to MountainView to say hello, I haven't had much chance to do her steps to the song. I LOVE when I can find the routines on YouTube though, to refresh my recollection.  Not that I have either routine committed to memory ... I still need to follow and instructor for either one!

Is this song part of your Zumba class repertoire? Are either of these routines "routine" for you, or are there even more options for class choreography out there?  Which one "wins" in your opinion?


  1. I miss my Zumba so much!!!!

    I always struggled when a different instructor uses a song I'm used to doing with a different body just feels off balance! That said there are songs that come on the radio and my body just automatically begins to want to move to the routine!!!

  2. Just took my first ever Zumba class this week (Monday) and plan to go back again. It was a little awkward for me but I just kept moving and the instructor was very supportive. Thanks for the motivation to try something new!


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