Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Review #180

It's 2017.

With the new year, and the fact that I hadn't completed my Weekly Weigh-In post last Friday, I thought "I wonder if I should switch my official weigh-in?"  Now, a Monday morning weigh-in is CRAZY, because that's almost always my high, as my exercise/eating slip Saturday/Sunday (Friday too).  But maybe, knowing it's coming, that might inspire me to be better with my food/fitness on weekends? Probably not ... but in my head, my week starts Monday, ends Sunday. My "weekly posts" here always felt just a little off as with my Friday weigh-in, my weekly report ran from Friday through Thursday ...

So, I thought I'd switch up the schedule ...
Unsurprisingly ... I'm up. Although the scale was holding (even went down) Saturday and Sunday. Monday mornings though. I hit the same high after last long weekend (Tuesday morning).  NUMBERS: Official weigh-in is a 2.7 increase. Average also up .72 (179.73). I tried to get back to tracking after taking a couple weeks off. Intake average 2370. Burn average 2394. Step average for the week was 12405. 491 cardio minutes, 39.18 exercise miles. I hit Zumba classes twice, and got in my hour of elliptical four times.

Another benefit to shifting to Mondays, is my Fitbit tracking runs from Monday-Sunday (this is a personal preference, you are in control of the setting).  I get a report each week. Currently my goal is set to 22k per day. I might switch it to 10k (which is what it is preset too, I had bumped it up, but ... my steps have slipped of late!) ...

I don't always look at this report ... it comes in my email and I move it to my "Fitbit" folder. I think I'll include it here on my weekly report though. My "burn average" estimate listed above is a bit lower. My miles listed above are only "exercise" miles, while the number listed here comes from the complete step total (so it will always be higher)... although THIS week, my totals above have three extra days included (Fri/Sat/Sun from the week before as I made the scheduling switch). I get this report from my ChargeHR account too ... I grabbed the three bottom tiles from that report, as they don't get calculated with my One device.

I still love my Fitbit(s) Feedback ... *Ü*

Day by Day ...
  • Friday (1230): No exercise. Hubs had the day off, but #5 and I were off to a couple games with his basketball tournament. Christmas cleanup. Dinner in the evening with my folks. 8497 steps. 2142 burn. 2400 intake. 
  • Saturday (1231): New Years Eve. Did one 20min Elliptical session. I got a new iphone7. Spent some time getting it set up. Hubs and the boys went to the Jazz game, then we had my folks over for games to ring in the new year. 10734 steps.
  • Sunday (0101): No exercise. Annual pastry wreath gathering. Popcorn and movie (DVD) in the evening. 13535 steps, 2489 burn, 2900 intake. 
  • Monday (0102): Southziders was taking the day off (New Year's observed), I did 20min Elliptical and shoveled snow. With #2 back home, we moved him from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs one, completing the room rearrange. Hubs smoked tri tip for dinner. 13360 steps. 2455 burn. 2800 intake.
  • Tuesday (0103): Return to the routine. Got in 70min elliptical total for the day. Zumba with Marian. Watched/videoed Sophomore and Varsity games at  Hunter in the evening. Dominos for dinner. 23809 steps. 3141 burn. 1900 intake. 
  • Wednesday (0104): Got in my hour of elliptical in while getting the boys off to school. Zumba with MZL, but dragging! Made muvees of the wins last night, then technical difficulties had me frustrated! 22189 steps. 2932 burn. 1950 intake.
  • Thursday (0105): Not a productive day. I did get in my hour of elliptical, but no Zumba, as there was a funeral at the church. Still struggling with software, and had a dental exam/cleaning. Team dinner for the older boys, practice for #4. 13577 steps. 2474 burn, 2000 intake.
  • Friday (0106): Slow start ... and no exercise at all. So frustrated with the video editing issues. but downloaded a new program and got a couple highlight reels done. Early out for #5, and off to a birthday party. Sophomore and Varsity games in the evening. Finally got my customer support for my Muvee software and stayed up late making a highlight reel of the awesome OT win! 5381 steps. 1976 burn. 2200 intake. 
  • Saturday (0107): Busy basketball day. Dropped #3 at the school at 9:30 and didn't pick him up until after 8:00. Games at 1:00, 3:00 and 4:00. No exercise. 5478 steps. 1988 burn. 2000 intake.
  • Sunday (0108): Slow Sunday ... although I did a treadmill walk (2miles). 7492 steps, 1929 burn, 2650 intake.
Five Featured Photos ...
 New Year's Eve

Monday Snow Shoveling ... 
Hubs bought a snow blower later in the week.

Finished up the three bedroom switch up for the boys ...

Back to school ... Back to making lunches!

 Pro pictures (Tribune) of Friday's OT win.

... a couple video clips too.

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on
Tuesday - my #3 got some playing time and made the most of it! 

Insane OT Friday night! 

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  1. When I was in weight watchers (I was pretty successful too) my weekend from work was on Sunday and Monday. I weighed in at my meeting on Tuesday nights! It did keep me on target over the weekends!!!!

    Good luck with the change up!!!


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