Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Toward 2017

A new year means new calendars!
I am a digital gal ... I do use Google calendars for planning and scheduling, but I still love physical calendars all around the house. As the year winds down, I start keeping my eyes open for inexpensive options (score at the dollar store!) and I stock up. Then the trick is remembering where I put them when the new year starts (one year I had to buy again because I couldn't recall where I'd put them!)

We have an annual tradition on my side of the family going back 20 years now. Started by one of the daughter's in-law, then passed around throughout the years (my hubs did it for a few, then a different SIL, I did it last year). Moving to digital creation (then sending in for printing) several years ago made it a snap to simply order additional calendars so that each family could have one in their home.

So that's one new calendar!

I keep one in the den, one in my gym, one in the bedroom, on by my desk. I like pictures of flowers, or pretty landscapes, or inspirational quotes. I grab one for each of the boy's rooms (classic cars, NBA teams. The little boys have actually liked one with cats). 

The family photo calendar in the kitchen gets a lot written on it. As the year ends ... not only is the calendar a keepsake for the photos, but for the schedules input upon the days. I LOVE looking back at old calendars. Seeing all the basketball games, the derbies, the doctor visits, the vacations. Just a quick glance can bring back memories galore.

At one point, I really tried to keep an "exercise" calendar ... noting my elliptical, Zumba, etc ... but while I keep all the info in an excel file, I haven't been able to keep it updated in calendar format.

However, I do use a little desk calendar to help me keep track of my workouts. In the picture above, you can see the yellow shell of my 2016 page-a-day calendar. It's been stripped bare! I kept it on my treadmill downstairs and each day, as I'd do a workout (or two or three or more) I'd write the stats down on the back and use the paper to transfer the info upstairs at the end of the day.  With 2016 ending, I needed a new calendar. My last year's "Happy Notes" was fine, but had been a little disappointing. Some days featured great inspirational quotes but others were just silly stuff ... "draw a picture of something that makes you happy" or "smile, it's a frown turned upside down"... I don't know, I guess even with needing content for 365 days I thought the makers could have featured more quality stuff.  

This year ... I'm going in knowing it's silly. I bought an "It's Different Every Day" page-a day calendar and I'm excited for the new, fun daily giggle. Here's a peek at day one (which incidentally, has two 20min elliptical sessions and two 10min ones ... yes, I started 2017 with an hour of elliptical, even on a Sunday!)

I'm prepared with my calendars! 
I switched them all out. 2017 here we come ...

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