Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Entertainment ala International Espionage

When I first started exercising in my home gym, music was my motivator. I did have a TV/DVD in the room too, and I'd checked out "24" from the library. In order to get through the disks by the due date, I figured I'd better watch while working out ...

That was my first exercise entertainment ala espionage. 

I LOVED the action while I exercised. How could I not absorb the energy as Jack Bauer saved the world? How could I think I was tired on my little machine, when he was running for his life? As each episode ended on a cliff-hanger, I couldn't wait to get back to my gym for just one more session/episode to find out what happened next.

I've watched all the available seasons of 24. I know there is a new edition coming out, and I'll probably watch (although I think I'll wait until the season is complete rather than attempting the week to week). But there are other action/espionage shows to keep me entertained while on the elliptical. 

I just finished up Madam Secretary (season 1). Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix. Season three has aired but isn't available yet.  This show had really high ratings, and I've always liked Téa Leoni, so I figured I've give it a try. I'm not super into politics, but after this last year's presidential election, it had been hard to stay in my little non-political bubble. While absolutely understanding that this is fiction, it was interesting to see the inner workings of the White House portrayed. To see how the US works with other countries. I also really enjoyed the family life included here. It wasn't quite "on the edge of my seat" action, but I liked it a lot. 

I'd also given "Strike Back" (on Amazon Prime) a try. I really liked it too. I was a bit confused at the start. Right at the top, we are introduced to captured agent "John Porter" and there seems to be a back story there. Apparently there is a "Strike Back" before this one, although the one I was watching is labeled Season 1 and is the start of this series. This comes from Cinemax, and it is very cable (profanity, sex, violence). I swear ... the one fellow gets laid almost every episode! While I started this downstairs myself, when Hubs wanted something new to watch, I mentioned it to him. We ended up watching together upstairs (although it was a good energy for exercise!). Seasons 1-3 are available on Prime, and we watched those. You have to pay for Season 4 (we have not watched it, it was about time for a break from all the blowing up of everything anyway) ...

 A while back, Hubs and I caught ...
I've generally liked AMC productions (The Walking Dead, Humans, The Killing, Breaking Bad) so when I saw this miniseries with some big names (recognized quite a few of the actors from other shows/movies), I figured I'd give it a try. It was quite "James Bond" ish, especially the intro song while the credits roll. A little cheesy. Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with this one.  I had a hard enough time following it watching the episodes back to back ... if I'd had to wait a week in-between, watching other programs while waiting, I think I would have lost interest completely. But it was short, so I finished it up, but I was rather glad when it was over.

 What else?

While "24" was the first action show I exercised to, I'd loved Alias airing years before ... although I admit, I did stop watching around the third season I think. Hubs and I also watched Homeland and thought it was good. I've watched the first few seasons of The Unit. Army Wives doesn't have a lot of international espionage, but is a bit of a counter-point to The Unit which features the men and the action, with the wives as back stories. In Army Wives, the spouses and their daily lives are front and center, while the men's army careers add the action on the side (although still not a ton, more of a soap opera, not quite as heart pumping for working out, but I liked it and finished the series). I watched Last Resort on DVD (as it never hit streaming on Amazon, Netflix or Hulu). I am currently caught up with Designated Survivor, which premiered this fall.  

What action/espionage series have you enjoyed?

I did a post a bit ago on "End of the World" TV series ... and while I read a ton of post-apocalyptic stuff in addition to watching it, I really do NOT read action/espionage stories. I'll watch them, and love them, but they just don't really appeal when it comes to my book choices.


  1. I have read about people that hook their tv's to the exercise machine..if they want to watch they have to ride to power it! Seems like a good idea for those of us that lack the willpower that you have! I am in awe!!!

    1. I remember seeing an ad/article for a bike that your riding it could store up power to be used in the home. That might provide a little extra incentive! I love that at least my elliptical and bike don't REQUIRE power (unlike the treadmill and TV, which do need to be plugged in). I know I have no excuses, even in the event the power goes out (I'll just have to read, rather than watch something).


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