Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Review #181

So ... technically down a pound, but that's also within general fluctuations. Still, glad to be not quite as high this Monday morning as I was last Monday morning. I think I like the switch to Mondays. It feels like more of a representation of my week. Knowing I had the official weigh-in after the weekend helped a tiny bit... maybe? Weekend wasn't as wicked as it could have been. 

Still, I was hoping for a little more "return to routine" with the kids back in school. I was hoping for my "Motivated Monday" and weekday energy ... I had a couple good days, but I still feel like I'm dragging on a daily basis.  NUMBERS: Official weight was down 1.1. Average only -.02 (180.43). Intake average for the week was 2371. Burn average was 2675. An overage of 1074.  Step average 16404. Still no weights (I KNOW, I need to get back to that), 580 cardio minutes, 62.03 exercise miles. FITNESS: Got in my hour of elliptical four days this past week, two Zumba classes, hit the bike twice, and one time on the treadmill.

Oops, I'd been such a good girl and got my post up Monday morning, forgetting that my weekly Fitbit report hadn't come in yet. It popped up in my email, so here it is updated. This week was better than last week, with increases in every area. My treadmill walk on Sunday didn't register (I got the steps, and really should have received 7 days exercising ... although okay, it was just a walk, not really "exercise" per say, so ....). 

The Fitbit stats and MY stats differ a little on a couple of points ... cardio minutes is what I calculated (I always just input an hour of Zumba, whether it was 57 min or 65 min). Sometimes I'll get some extra credit from Fitbit as I walk away from a workout, whereas sometimes it won't count a bike ride (not a lot of "steps" in cycling). Fitbit's active minutes are usually higher, but not always. Miles ... I'll note down what my machine (treadmill, elliptical, bike) says for each workout, and I use the Fitbit estimate for Zumba to get my mile estimate. Fitbit takes the total steps (exercise and regular daily activity) and just uses the generalized "a mile is a bout 2000 steps" to get their estimate. With all the extra non-exercise steps, Fitbit's mile number SHOULD be higher, except for my bike/elliptical. An 8 mile ride on the bike will only credit about 1 mile per Fitbit (usually about 2000 "steps" register for those 30minutes) and my Elliptical says I've gone two miles in 20min, but the Fitbit will register just over 2000 steps. I really don't care much on the miles numbers ... just interesting to note how they change week to week.

I didn't grab my Friends List until I updated this post ... when I first looked this morning, my JenB profile was actually in 1st place. It sure can change quickly, depending if someone has updated recently (and if that included a good/bad day to impact the standings). Christa (#1 spot) hadn't been able to get hers to sync, and it finally did (so she popped up to the top).

The Day by Day ...

  • Monday (0109): Back to routine, but not back to Zumba. Got in 80min elliptical and a session on the bike though. Stayed busy with carpools, grocery shopping, dinner and a FunShot competition in the evening. 20924 steps. 2942 burn, 2400 intake.
  • Tuesday (0110): Got in 80min elliptical and Zumba with Marian. Basketball games in the evening. Three games, I was only able to get to two. 23919 steps. 3040 burn. 2400 intake.
  • Wednesday (0111): Managed my hour of elliptical in the morning, but that was it for exercise. Had to make a store run, prep dinner (soup, breadsticks, cinnamon rolls) and then had a dental appointment. 16363 steps, 2771 burn, 3100 intake (oops!)
  • Thursday (0112): Zumba with MountainView, 90min elliptical and a session on the bike. Good active day! Basketball practices in the afternoon/evening and Hubs is home! 25839 steps, 3421 burn, 2400 intake.
  • Friday (0113): Slow start morning. Only 30min elliptical today. Basketball games - two OT wins. 8917 steps, 2212 burn, 2200 intake.
  • Saturday (0114): Got in 30min elliptical again today (finished up "The OA") and the littles each had a game (one loss, one win). 11018 steps, 2311 burn, 1800 intake.
  • Sunday (0115): Did an easy walk on the treadmill, 1.5 miles. Sunday Circles for breakfast, smoked brisket for dinner. 7848 steps, 2027 burn, 2300 intake. 
Five Featured Photos ...

 Tuesday night game was at my old Alma Mater ... 
Cottonwood High School

 Pictures of my #2 from that Tuesday game. Got the win.

Hubs upgraded me to the iphone7 .... 
I forgot the little adapter for my headphones (I wear them at the games). 
I have it set up now.

 Wednesday's soup ... chicken veggie.

Hubs smoked brisket for Sunday dinner.

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